Deep Overkill Slicer Ammunition

Just when you thought R.I.P. Ammunition was the scariest ammo ever:


Failure-To-Fire-WebcomicFrom the guys over at Failure To Fire.  Good stuff.

I hope 2014 is the year of one-upmanship with regard to who can make the most retarded ammunition / ammunition marketing campaign.  That would be entertaining to watch.


10 responses to “Deep Overkill Slicer Ammunition”

  1. I really liked the skull-shaped pellet, LMAO!

  2. I hope they have some in .22LR!

  3. Bummer it’s banned in CA, no DOS for ghost guns! LOL

  4. I loled.

  5. IllTemperedCur Avatar

    12 gauge dreidel slugs. When you gots to kill every vampire in the room, accept no substitute.

    /MHI fanboi

  6. pew pew pew?

  7. Taofledermaus Avatar

    I wonder how many California politicians will think this is real? (I live in CA, so watch the CA jokes!)

  8. Enfieldem2 Avatar

    Ooga booga!

    But seriously this doesn’t look like it would be much harder to make than the rip bullet. And there is bound to be a market for a bullet that contains tiny skulls.

  9. Taofledermaus Avatar

    Wait until you see my Phillips Head .22 HP WTF (wide transitioning fragmenter) rounds. MattV is going to do the ball-istic
    gel testing.

  10. Failure to funny doing what he does best, making obvious, blatant parodies.