Ignatius Pizza’s Front Sight Super Bowl Ad

Similar to his website, branding and mustache, this video also looks like it was made in the 80s:

Ignatius-Piazza-Pizza-Front-SightThis ad didn’t air obviously, but Pizza thought he would jump on the Daniel Defense “lets make an ad that we know won’t be accepted, just for the publicity” bandwagon.  The ad definitely DOES suck as much as the Daniel Defense one, so Pizza has that going for him, but unfortunately he only has ~15,000 views on his video compared to ~250,000 for the Daniel Defense one.

<– Remember when I made the Ignatius Pizza? LOLz I crack myself up.



5 responses to “Ignatius Pizza’s Front Sight Super Bowl Ad”

  1. Front Sight is a fine school, but they do seem perpetually unable to keep up with the times. I begin to suspect that I.P. is insisting on full control of advertising rather than handing it off to more able individuals.

    1. Hokey. That’s the word I’m groping for. His ads are just hokey.

    2. Shit, last I heard Front Sight still teaches Weaver as a primary stance. It’s like they take what Jeff Cooper taught (besides the 4 rules) to be the “word of god,” anything else is heresy.

  2. Pop N Fresh Avatar
    Pop N Fresh

    brilliant, make a commercial you know will never air and ride the coat tails of controversy over the Daniel defense ad and why they won’t play it to get some views.

  3. Wow, Gary Graham from Alien Nation!!