Costa Lupus x Thyrm – Flashlight Operator Gizmo

If you’re not spinning your flashlight when you pull it out, you’re not keeping it 100 while operating:

Unlike the rest of the handgun guys in the video, Costa naturally operates with 2 lights… one with the spinner gizmo, and one on his handgun:


Smith Optics sunglasses?  wtf?  Is that a marketing play by Smith to try and position themselves as the “New Oakley” for high-speed-low-drag operators?

Here is a video on tactical technique:

haha 2-legit.

I wonder if that would be considered illegal in states that brass knuckle possession is outlawed?  Looks like you could definitely do some damage if you punched someone with that gizmo on your hand.

You can read more about / purchase the Switchback flashlight gizmo for Surefire flashlights over at Thyrm.

homer-jump-sharkI have ideas for a tactical cheese grater, and a next level diaper changing station… I’m thinking about seeing if Costa would co-sign either for 3% (negotiable of course) royalties.

Hat tip: Joseph


19 responses to “Costa Lupus x Thyrm – Flashlight Operator Gizmo”

  1. Yeah that’s great.

    Matt Graham did this years ago.

    They even come in a pack with 3 or 4 different styles of ring.

    1. That was my first thought as well. Graham’s rings come in a three pack:

      I’ve used the Surefire rings and Graham’s method. These new ones use the same basic principles. Just looking at this new one I’d say its an improvement. Better activation and you aren’t holding a flashlight between your fingers, messing with your grip.

    2. Bro, do you even beard?

  2. hahahhahahaahhahahahahahahahahha

    ahahahahahahahahahhah fUCK

  3. funnybookz Avatar

    Its neat for guns that doesn’t have rails.

    I can DEFINITELY see this being banned in CA and classified as brass knuckles. I’d probably buy one for the hell of it, but I don’t want to be the test case for the DOJ.

  4. I see broken fingers in the future…

    1. Al Cohol Avatar

      I agree. There is a reason why the Graham Combat rings and the Raven Concealment clip both have breakaways.

      1. The actual ring attachment in the Graham set made by Surefire is solid and the only “breakaway” is slipping it off. Not sure is these would do the same.

        That said I liked the non-ringed attachments better for the Graham method.

  5. Too many steps.

    Good luck remembering where your magazine is in a gunfight let alone spinning a fuckin yoyo.

  6. Al Cohol Avatar

    What won’t Costa endorse these days? I gotta give it to him, he is definitely in it to win it and making as much money as he can while this tactical fad is so popular. We all thought he jumped the shark with the turtle satchel, homeboy was just getting started. Give him some money and he will put his name on a tactical turd. I’m pretty sure he would love that cheese grater, Mike.

    Also for the record Mike, Smith Optics has been the underground operator eyewear for a minute now. Oakley’s are so passé.

  7. I think the idea is that you spin the “fleshlight” on your finger like you were a 13 year old doing the balisong boogie or jeff imada, and while the bad guy is amazed, you stab him with the bayonet attached to your magazine.

  8. cottewmitch Avatar

    I dunno… that last scene where the flashlight was in 3 different positions on and off, if you were in the dark without illumination, you would have a hell of a time hitting him.

  9. The smith glasses in their daily wear lifestyles frames have the same ratings as M frames

  10. This background music needs more cowbell.

  11. Smith makes awesome protective eyewear…I’ve been wearing aegis echo’s every day at work for quite a while, couldn’t be happier.

  12. Waiting for the cock ring edition. 10/10 would buy.

    1. CrunkleRoss Avatar

      I’ll order a D battery size one in that case.

  13. Col. Duke Lacross Avatar
    Col. Duke Lacross

    Ha! Costa liked his flashlight so much he put a ring on it!

  14. I can see the use of a product LIKE this for a weapon that doesn’t allow a WML or if you work for an agency that doesn’t allow WML for a pistol. Try clearing a shoothouse, or a real house for that matter I guess with your flashlight in one hand and your pistol in the other. I know there are multiple methods, FBI, Harris… but why sacrifice another one of the 7 fundamentals when you know a real life shoot is already going to be sacrificing probably 4 of them. Meh.