Gracefully 360-No-Scope Dairy Products In Slow Motion

Mattv2099 is in possession of some amazingly graceful tactical skills:

Mattv2099-ENDO-Tactical-AsThere couldn’t have been a more fitting shirt than the ENDO Apparel Tactical As _ _ _ _ one Matt is wearing in the video.

I love how the Mattv2099 stock continues to rise as he gets more and more hate on YouTube and in the ENDO comments.  I’ve got nothing but love for you Matt, keep doing your thing.



11 responses to “Gracefully 360-No-Scope Dairy Products In Slow Motion”

  1. I think he’s hilarious.

    And he’s not even pimping out his gf/wife on youtube like Cory and Erika.

    Actually, I recant. Matt needs to find a blond who is willing to wear booty shorts and tight clothes on youtube. His view count will go up 100000%

    1. Agreed! Mattv is just too cool for some people to understand. Do you remember when Cory made informative videos without the Erika factor? Yeah, good times.

      1. Yeah Cory’s first vid has like 6,000 views.

        His second vid has 20k views.

        His third vid with a thumbnail of Erika’s ass wearing short shorts? 3.5 million views.


        1. I need to collab with some hot babes STAT! YOUTUBE MONEY!!!!

  2. Al Cohol Avatar

    Mattv2099 loves his haters. He needs to make a video thanking his haters just like Yeager did.

  3. DemonicScience Avatar

    I wish endo had a t-shirt that had a picture of mattv2099 and underneath it saying “This is me not giving a F**K!”

    The last video with the astroglide was outrageously funny.

  4. Haters gonna hate
    operators operate

    1. Do all operators have stalkers who seem to enjoy distressed 60s music?

      If so, I think I will leave the operations to operators like you. :/

      1. The true tier -10 ones do.

  5. dadajack Avatar

    Nonsense sir. Haters really appreciate the operate but obfuscate their honest take to try and make you mistake their… true awe at the operatory nature of your vids. Rant out of ate words. It’s early though.

    1. You’re welcome!