French FAMAS Stunting

Les fancy bullpup operations on the 100m range:

Filming between a dude’s legs?  It’s not gay if he’s shooting a rifle!

FAMAS-French-StuntingI’m not sure how many of those shots connected, but Jean Paul definitely looked cool doing it.  Do they have notch hats in France yet though?  I feel he could use one.  Le Notch chapeau perhaps?

Oh and DAT FAMAS amirite?  Thoughts?

Hat tip: Van


13 responses to “French FAMAS Stunting”

  1. GreenMountain Human Avatar
    GreenMountain Human

    I always thought the FAMAS was pretty cool lookng, but CarnikCon’s poking fun of it in their bullpups video is all I can think of when I see it now. Still though, an interesting weapon for sure. I definitely wouldn’t say no if somebody wanted to give me one for T&E.

  2. The French like that bent over position because it gives them options. They can run away, or get fu… Nevermind.

  3. Taylor TX Avatar

    Un chapeau pour les operateurs , c’est vraiment.

    1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      haha thank you

  4. You can tell he is French because he can smoke while he operates. Americans would NEVER do that. It’s just too dangerous.

    1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      So operational for sure.

  5. Jonathan Avatar

    This dude needs a swift testisatchel kick.

  6. cottewmitch Avatar

    He forgot to pull his pants down before firing. tactical mooning maneuver.
    Also an acceptable surrendering position. Because they are french.

  7. Andy Wolf Avatar

    French troops (and I’m not erroneously referencing the FFL) are actually some really decent soldiers who get a bad rap due to Francophobia, particularly breeding like a yeast infection post 2003. Ever seen these guys fight? They have heart.

    Also, they aren’t bound by as many stupid rules as the US troops. Beer is rationed in country, no reflective belts, no need to wear a helmet at the range. Even their chain of command is a little more relaxed in all the right ways. most french Infantrymen I met were lifers who loved what they did.

    Now the Italians… *shudders*

  8. DemonicScience Avatar

    Looks like a couple young soldiers having fun at the range.

    I’ve always wanted to shoot a FAMAS….ahh to join the FFL.

  9. And with a cigarette. Cool.

  10. I doubt they have the notch hat, but you should try to market a line of notch berets, or ones with wire frames so they don’t flop around in a non-tactical way when busy with tactical tactics operations.

    1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      haha notch berets! Not being able to pull the beret down low when wearing sunglasses was SUCH a problem!