• French FAMAS Stunting

    Les fancy bullpup operations on the 100m range: Filming between a dude’s legs?  It’s not gay if he’s shooting a rifle! I’m not sure how many of those shots connected, but Jean Paul definitely looked cool doing it.  Do they have notch hats in France yet though?  I feel he could use one.  Le Notch…

  • A Hilarious Look At Some Bullpup Rifles

    CarniK Con is back: Listen up, and you might actually learn something.  Sweatpants, clear lens prescription aviator glasses, and a cosby-esque sweater FTW!  I could do without the manty-lines though haha. Holy that bullpup song he breaks into half way through the video is priceless. LOL at the “Famas’ large surrender handle” Thoughts?

  • FAMAS Fan Page

    DAMN! LOOK AT THAT F**KING TRIGGER. THE DAMN GUARD FLIPS OUT SO YOU CAN SHOOT IT. EVEN IF YOU’RE WEARING MITTENS THAT ARE TWO F**KING SIZES PAST HUGE Know what that’s called? IT’S MOTHERF**KING ARCTIC MODE. BITCH. LOL check out the full awesomeness of the fan page writeup over at thefamas.org Hat tip: Eric