FXHummel1 Is Now Tactical Tunes

FXHummel1 is rebranding:

I never did know what a “FXHummel” was… I suppose I could have asked but I always assumed it was something to do with special effects, which I didn’t know he was into.

I do like the name “Tactical Tunes” a lot, it has a nice ring to it and like he said it definitely describes more accurately what he actually does.  It does sound more like a site or a business than a person though.

Tactical-Tunes-ENDO-California-tshirtTactical Tunes is wearing the ENDO Apparel California No Right To Bear Arms t-shirt in Brown.



3 responses to “FXHummel1 Is Now Tactical Tunes”

  1. 1) hey, im popular, why?
    2) no ones watching anymore, why?
    3) REBRAND!

    The shark has been jumped. The internet is fickle my friend.

  2. I always liked his nod to the character General Francis X. Hummel from the rock movie.

  3. His account is old like mine. Probably just a meaningless username without any idea that one day he would start uploading videos one day…