Tactical Firepower Handgun System Trolling Trilogy

Jason Shade and Chad Bublitz from Minnesota get after that training money EARLY in 2014:


This new system is a 3 DVD set that takes you from handgun basics to advanced concepts in a 4.5 hour video lesson.

  • Volume I: The Fundamentals
  • Volume II: Achieving Perfection
  • Volume II: Turning Perfection Into Success

1:12 – WOAH!  Sweet move Chad.  Can you teach me that?  I don’t know how I managed to get a girlfriend and keep her around (subtle humble brag), without knowing that move.

1:35 – Holy, Chad with the skillz demo again.  Dude kills it NON STOP.

1:39 – Legs crossed, and kneeling… legs crossed sitting AND like tactical lightening Chad flips it on our asses and swings a leg over and engages.

1:45 – RULE #1 – It’s aways best to get on the ground as soon as possible and shoot from there if there is a threat.

1:52 – 180 degree spin then shooting from kneeling and laying position.  Damn that’s operator.

1:55 – RULE #2 – Always make your first shot a hip shot.  Only try-hard neWbs bring the sights up to aim.

1:57 – Having the steel target angled UP is a new one.  I’d hate to forget I had that angle and shoot standing up and catch a ricochet to the dick.

2:00 – Chad was trippin, so now we’re trippin Chad.  Lucky his tactical samurai ninja hair bun will cushion the fall.  My late great grandma’s friend Lilian had one of those, and fell on it cushioning her fall from an otherwise inevitable broken hip – true story.

2:04 – OMG Chad seriously, your skillz have me sold.  *throws money at the screen*  Where do I sign up for training?  ONLY on the condition Chad and I spend the day together though, I want him to be my BFF.

2:07 – HA not so fast Jason… fuck you and your KA-BAR.  BOOM hit you with the stomach kick after that.  I feel like Jason and I could be great friends too.  I wonder if he likes donuts as much as I do?  I bet he does.

Tactical-Firepower-Handgun-System-DVDMake sure to buy Chad and Jason’s Tactical Firepower Handgun System DVD for $40 and let me know how it works out for you!  If your operational tier drops several points I’ll have to pick it up for myself… until then I’m just looking for one-on-one training to cultivate my friendship with Chad.


Hat tip: Joe


9 responses to “Tactical Firepower Handgun System Trolling Trilogy”

  1. So, this is… is not? a joke? I can’t decide. I don’t think it is.

    What’s up with the guy at 0:56, struggling with his front pocket? Is he trying to make it look like he’s pulling his wallet out, only to pull a “SURPRISE MFER!” gun?

    Mike, I’m sure you noticed this too, being a designer of bespoke clothing, but I appreciate how their gray tactical button-down that totally doesn’t look like a friggin’ tent at the bottom manages to sacrifice any sense of fashion whatsoever. Seriously, I know you want to be able to get to your gun, but at some point you’re just wearing a poncho with buttons. I might go my entire life without using my gun in a defensive encounter, and that’s too long to live looking like shit.

  2. Circue Du Soleil meets tactical training.

  3. BoyscoutG36 Avatar

    After seeing that ending, I find the rap world is lacking until a player named N-stinctive is on the scene. Beats about operating and such, maybea sidekick named Aktivation or Responze would be in order.

    1. ^^^ I needed a good laugh today and just got it. Still laughing….

  4. Embarrassed that I’m from MN after seeing this. What clowns!

  5. One of those Glocks appears to have a rear sight notch on the front dovetail as well as the rear.

    I get how that works, like a gutter-snipe setup…still there’s a reason why those sights are more of an oddity than an advantage.

  6. No notch-hats, therefore obvious trolling.

  7. I predict that Cory and whatshername will now be TFHS qualified within a few months.

  8. StraightShooter86 Avatar

    I bought the DVD set and it has some great information and techniques in it. I’ve learned a lot from it. Throughout the lessons, safety is the instructor’s (Jason’s) top priority. The 3 minute trailer is not indicative of what is in the video. Like I said, I’ve enjoyed watching these DVDs.