.50 BMG Days Of Christmas

RichardRyan x Dan Bilzerian:

If you don’t know who Dan Bilzerian is, read the Daily Mail’s article on him and check out his Instagram page.  Damn I should have just dropped out of school and became good at poker instead.

Browsing through his Instagram feed you’ll see that guns are not just a passing interest of his, so that’s cool.  Also, girls apparently like guys with tens of millions of dollars in the bank… who would have thought?  Dude needs some multicam in his life though.. I’m seeing too much desert digi and woodland.

I wonder if Richard and him chilled with dozens of supermodels after this, then went and bought Ferraris just to crash them on purpose and proceed to light them on fire?  I was kind of surprised he didn’t bring a whole bunch of girls with him to the video shoot.

Richard-Ryan-M2-Browning-Ma-DeuceI figure after this post once I’m on Dan’s radar he’ll make me a $25 Million dollar offer for ENDO, which I will promptly act unimpressed and turn down.  He will then up his offer to $35 Million, which I’ll begrudgingly accept but negotiate in some perpetual money on the back end along with full creative control of ENDO Apparel. Everyone wins.

Thoughts? Is your life better than Dan’s?


3 responses to “.50 BMG Days Of Christmas”

  1. He definitely learned to shoot somewhere. But when you’re rich you can get good training.

    1. one_calloused Avatar

      supposedly was in SEAL training…I hear they have guns.

  2. Good luck on that $35 million deal.