The SOE Gear Rap

FXhummel1‘s got bars and the usual piano skills:

FXHummel1-ENDO-Defend-FreedomCool how he made the beat with straps and buckles etc.

Make sure to check out S.O.E. Gear… Made In America, hell yeah.  One thing though, they need a better website to go with that great equipment. That 3% top margin alone is enough to drive me insane, not to mention the rest of it doesn’t do their products justice ;)  Despite the poor website, their gear is pretty much mandatory if you ever plan on operating in any operations.



8 responses to “The SOE Gear Rap”

  1. Yeager has a Gollum sidekick now?

    1. Taylor TX Avatar

      I guess you didnt watch the vid, John Willis, Owner and Founder of SOE if I heard correctly.

      1. Youre right i didnt, i quit watching yeager vids a while back

  2. Taylor TX Avatar

    Ha that was one of the best FX vids so far, buckles velcro and zippers ftw.

  3. I ordered some stuff from SOE once. Dude was a dick about it. He’s always on FB bitching about people not paying their orders. The 1-2 point sling I got isn’t that great either. Moved back to my Magpul sling. Bungy slings suck, unless you like your rifle bouncing around in the dirt/mud/piss/shit/sand/kneecaps. I hear their gear is great… Not planning on giving it a try any time soon after my experience with something as simple a sale purchase.

  4. Yeah, I’d get one of these if I hadn’t just gotten one for Xmas:

    1. SittingDown Avatar

      Also great for concealing and protecting glass eye collections.