Average Guy Tries To Pull Cop Over For Seatbelt Violation

Detroit citizen tries to police the police:

Yea didn’t really work out for him.  It looks like nothing happened in the video, but according to the video below the guy could be facing 3 months jail time.

Detroit-gun-logohaha.  The fact he probably didn’t have his eyes on the road while filming and yelling at the cop is not going to help his case.

I don’t see what difference the fact the vehicle was possibly a K9 unit makes?  The dog is behind the cop… how does the cop not wearing a seatbelt make it any less safe for the dog?


Hat tip: Ron, Chris


12 responses to “Average Guy Tries To Pull Cop Over For Seatbelt Violation”

  1. Isn’t this a gun blog?

  2. Cruisin’ for a bruisin’?

    Sheesh, I’ve got better things to do than cuss out a cop over speeding and not wearing his seatbelt.

  3. Looks like a little stick time is in order.

  4. there are still white people and cops in Detroit?

  5. tom slick Avatar

    He faces 3 months of jail time because he didn’t respect his authorit-ah. Contempt of Cop is a hanging offense these days, so he’s getting of easy! He didn’t even get his dog shot!

  6. cottewmitch Avatar

    I respect the hell out of the guy, and wish more people were like him

    1. I laugh “the hell” out of this guy, and wish more people weren’t like him. This guy is a joke. Citizen’s arrests typically require a felony to be in progress or a direct request from law enforcement. Guy attempting to make the arrest needs to get his knickers unbunched.

    2. I don’t.

      There are better ways at displaying your displeasure with cops breaking the rules, and they generally won’t land you in court!

  7. farmerjoe Avatar

    He’s a dullard and I hope a few days in jail slow him down a little. Next time, file a citizens complaint.

  8. Better ways and probably more legitimate reasons too. Most Departments/Cities have an exemption to seat belt and cell phone vehicle codes, to allow Officers to exit their cars quickly and handle work-related calls. I’m not saying that this exemption is never abused, but it sounds like this guy needs to find a different hobby.

  9. “how does the cop not wearing a seatbelt make it any less safe for the dog?”

    I’ll take up the challenge. If the vehicle was struck on the front driver’s fender and the door popped open, the energy of the impact could cause the driver to be flung out. If this happened while they were crossing a bridge, the car, with the dog caged behind the wire in the back seat, could go sailing off the bridge into the river.

    If he has his seatbeat on, driver applies brakes, dog saved.

    Seatbelts. If it saves just one dog…

  10. Many laws have exemptions. The gun community knows this well. Read code and you will know the definitions and exemptions are spelled out. Many states have seat belt and cell phone usage exempted for public safety for quick exit of the vehicle as well as phone, radio, and computer use. It’s not just cities and municipalities. These exemptions are defined in GA code.