Det Cord Christmas Tree Smells Like Success

Richard Ryan gets festive with it:

1:36 – He’s packing up… I was like HUH?  That’s a star Richard not a tree!

1:41 – Oh a circle of rocks being set out… this is going to be good

2:13 – Wait… that’s string.  Booooo MOAR DET CORD!

2:30 – Mother of god…. I like where this is going

Richard-Ryan-ENDO-AWBHoly… that slow motion footage is epic as usual.



2 responses to “Det Cord Christmas Tree Smells Like Success”

  1. tincankilla Avatar

    awesome. reminds me of the horror commercial from scrooged:

  2. ballisticsbill Avatar

    God I LLLLOOOOVVVEEEE Detcord……Where can I get some Richard? oh and some caps too….thx