Austrian Fruit Salad Made Using Dual Glock 22s

Mattv2099 puts on a clinic called THIS IS WHAT MEN DO:

It would be hilarious if it had another camera angle on standby just in case some random person stumbled upon one of his weird videos in progress like this.  The interaction would be priceless.

I was disappointed the fruit salad wasn’t boxed up to be sent to Africa at the end, like he did in some previous food related videos.

As you can see Matt is rocking the New York Reload t-shirt from ENDO Apparel.  Good fit for the video.



One response to “Austrian Fruit Salad Made Using Dual Glock 22s”

  1. Tao Fleder Maus Avatar
    Tao Fleder Maus

    I had to ask Matt what a “New York Reload” was. Yes, I am that dense. Must be all the Hg.