Random Things You Can Do With A .22 LR Round

Taofledermaus‎ is the absolute king of doing random gun and ammo related vids. This one ices the proverbial cake:

Kids-Gun-Safety-Boise-IdahoPeople actually own cotton candy machines? haha I thought it was just one of those treats you got occasionally at an event as a best effort to rot your teeth out.

Like most of Tao’s vids, the result is quite anticlimactic… Science though amirite?


3 responses to “Random Things You Can Do With A .22 LR Round”

  1. You’re just sugar coating the video.

  2. elephantrider Avatar

    Cotton candy machine?… of course, I keep mine right next to the Margaritaville margarita mixer


    Thanks for showing my video. The original idea was meant to be more exciting, using many more rounds. I decided to first do a test run and camera test using one round since I was unsure it would even work. I usually get several HD camera angles and 2 or 3 high speed camera angles. The test run damaged the cotton candy machine, so I decided to just post this footage.