Creepy-Ass-Cracker Does Handgun Saltine Cracker Challenge

Mattv2099 does one of the most difficult tactical food drills known to man:

Mattv2099-ENDO-HatCreepy-Ass-CrackerEating back to back saltine crackers is a lot harder than it looks.  I’ve tried that a few times and I’m terrible at it… it starts off seeming easy until it sucks every last bit of moisture out of your mouth.  Then if you have your friends around they make you laugh, and you breathe in and it’s OVER…. you proceed to get cracker dust in your lungs and almost die.

Matt is wearing the ENDO Apparel New York Reload hat, and the Guns And Coffee t-shirt.


4 responses to “Creepy-Ass-Cracker Does Handgun Saltine Cracker Challenge”

  1. my superpower is the ability to eat all the saltines i want without anything to drink

  2. CrunkleRoss Avatar

    Shark jumped.

    1. Do you even Mattv2099? This is how I started my channel. I invented the Tactical Food Challenge. It was me trollin. Cuz I thought those food challenge vids that were popular at the time were totally played out.

  3. LongBeach Avatar

    Who is that stunning woman in the pic? I must have her.