USFA Zip 22 – Maybe Not Such A Piece Of Shit With The Upgrade Kit

Mattv2099 puts in the recoil spring upgrade kit and tests it out:

WOW!  4 full magazines… I’m seriously impressed considering it couldn’t even get through 3 shots in his previous tests without jamming.

I still cringe every time I see someone charge one of these things… what an “interesting” design.

Mattv2099-Standard-302:45 –  Matt has a girl there with him *DAT SHADOW*.  When’s she going to be operating in video operations Matt?  I’m assuming she likes Glock brand Glocks?  Hopefully.

Thoughts?  Would operate with a Zip gun?  Even get a few tax stamps to mount them all around your AR15 quadrail?


19 responses to “USFA Zip 22 – Maybe Not Such A Piece Of Shit With The Upgrade Kit”

  1. I assume shes there to wash the dishes he uses

    1. Naw. She made the Glock brand Glock cake :)

      1. That cake was pretty friggin awesome, though. Now I have to take back all the mental props I gave you for being an operator and an oper-baker. Deep frying a GLOCK-brand GLOCK gets you no points.

        1. Hahahah. We made the cake together! But she was key in making my vision a reality!

  2. Reliable… Unreliable… Does it really matter in the end? It’s still a pointless and silly little piece of junk.

    1. It’s a novelty for operators with an extra $199.99 to blow.

  3. So now it’s just an inaccurate ergonomic nightmare instead of a non-functional inaccurate ergonomic nightmare.

    1. I’ll have to actually do an accuracy test. With and without optic. Have a pic rail on order.

  4. Mag_Light Avatar

    The real question is when are we gonna have that rap battle :3

  5. bandroidx Avatar

    I figured it out! Why every one is mattv2099’s videos is on endo! Endo Mike IS Mattv2099! Oh man I am so smart to be the first person to figure this out. I should get a frigan shirt for my deductive reasoning skills.

    1. How about confetti and a marching band too?

    2. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      LOL oh no you cracked the case! :P

  6. hydepark Avatar

    Anybody have a link to this magical upgrade kit?

  7. Seriously though, that thing is an embarrassment to zip guns everywhere.

  8. So, is Matt going to do a re-visit to the BX25. I’m interested in these again, IF they work. They are just so damn ugly that I have to have one just to make my other guns feel pretty.


  9. Tao Fleder Maus Avatar
    Tao Fleder Maus

    I never would have even heard of this website if it weren’t for Matt. When will you have the XXX Medium shirts back in stock?

    1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      hahah XXX Medium is so popular it’s on a 3 year back order.

  10. If only USFA made the single actions they used to…

  11. What is the name of the recoil spring upgrade you used?