Automatic AR-15 Magazine Loader

For sirs that do not like to get their hands dirty:


Features list:

  • Eliminates hand injuries – Safety above all!!
  • MMFS – Modular Magazine Feed System – Load all manufacturers 5.56mm magazines
  • Eliminates damage to magazine feed lips
  • Prolongs magazine life
  • Highly reliable
  • Printable Reports
  • Loads 29 bullets in 9 seconds
  • Loads 18 magazines in less then 3 minutes
  • Holds up to 2000 bullets (with an external silo up to 10,000 bullets)
  • Powerful Touch Control Panel, Simple operation
  • Customizable to any Caliber

A boring video of it in action:

1:03 – OMG someone punch that guy in the dick and show him how to properly remove a round from a magazine by sliding it forward with your thumb. I realize what he’s doing does in fact work.. but it’s painful to watch. I’ve never seen anyone do it that way.

You can read more about this machine over at Primatic.

Like-A-SirHahha what a complicated machine to accomplish such a mundane task.  I like the idea of a full magazine being loaded in less than 9 seconds though.  Really, a speed loader like the LULA does a quick / excellent job and only costs around $25.  No word on the price of this automatic thing, but as they say “If you have to ask, you can’t afford it”.


Ugh “BULLETS per magazine”… seriously… “bullets”?  What kind of rookie operation is this?  I’m fully expecting all the guys in the comments with the talk about “clip.. magazine… bullets.. cartridges… it makes no difference. Semantics bRAH.” to jump on me.  Yes it does make a difference.. you sound like a rube talking about your clips with bullets in them, so if that’s what you’re going for then by all means disregard the actual names.

And what’s this 29 not 30 bullshit?  Like Biggie Smalls said Don’t fill them clips too high / give them bullets room to breathe amirite fellas?  I know some operators say 29 so there less tension when you’re initially trying to seat the magazine.



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  1. In Israel here they only fill up to 29 as well, which in my opinion is bullshit. However, most of their stuff is surplus US so I guess it’s better safe than sorry.

  2. Your missing the most important point mike, no prints on the shell casings you leave behind

    1. Gloves are a lot cheaper.

  3. Matt in FL Avatar
    Matt in FL

    I watched my buddy unload a mag like that one time, and it caused me almost physical pain, but that’s just how he did it. I told his girlfriend to get him a LULA for his birthday. She did, he loves it, I don’t have to cringe watching him at the range any more.

    It doesn’t get a lot of press, but the same people who make the LULA everyone knows and loves also make something called the LULA BenchLoader, that’s designed for people who have to bulk load mags, and lots of them:

    It’s really a niche market thing, but so is this machine, and it probably costs less than 10% what this machine does. The advantage to this machine is it loads 18 mags in a row and you can just walk away, but the disadvantage is it only takes 3 minutes, so you can’t walk away for long or really actually do anything. Three minute intervals are about the perfect time to be annoying, unless you have another task that you can also do in three minute intervals.

    1. The LULA Benchloader is cool, but IT COSTS 10 TIMES MORE THAN IT SHOULD. The retail price on that thing is $429.99 from MidwayUSA. Thats almost as much as my AR cost. It’s a plastic tray and a slide. I’d pay $50 maybe $75 for a useful mag loader. Nearly $500 is way too much.

  4. triggernoob Avatar

    The way he pulls the rounds from the magazine is the same way the BCG strips them before chambering, right??? The bullets do back flips before insertion, correct???

    1. Matt in FL Avatar
      Matt in FL

      No, but they’ve tried. I’ve heard that’s why the Honey Badger never made it into production. The world just wasn’t ready.

  5. Yeah, everyone knows you’re supposed to pull the floor plate – *SPROOOIING* – and take them out the bottom.

  6. I think it may see use in competitions for example, if you want to be sure that all mags are loaded the same way etc… or for military use if you have to load 100 or 1,000 mags quickly…
    I see no point for “domestic” use, loading the mags is part of the pleasure.

    I agree the way the dude unloads the mags is REALLY annoying, but hey, I guess you can’t ask someone you fills mags with BULLETS to take care of the shells and magazine lips.

    1. For military use you just get 10 privates to load mags.

      1. In my experience privates have a hard time loading the mags consistently. I would get a 20 round mag and a 19 or 21 sometimes.

  7. Alex, What is ‘a military contract?’

    1. Not unless they’ve got a big lobbying budget or are owned by some former high ups with connections. Although if they do it’ll be a dozen to every military installation for 3 times the planned MSRP.

      1. I wasn’t thinking US mil

  8. cottewmitch Avatar

    The only reason i can think that this would exist is if you had to get a ton of loaded magazines to soldiers RIGHT NOW.

    1. cottewmitch Avatar

      as in they are on the battlefield, are under fire, and they for some reason did not have enough in their loadout

  9. What problem is this trying to solve?

  10. Hunter57dor Avatar

    fill to capactiy, and slap that mag good.

  11. lucusloc Avatar

    What about a commercial range that sees a lot of traffic in rentals? Say one of those ranges in Hawaii I keep hearing about that supposedly rents out class 3 stuff to tourists. Could a large volume commercial setup like that benefit, or do you think their volume is still to low to justify a robotic magloader?

  12. At my last job I reviewed automation, I would say there is at least $9K in the feeder bowl alone. I’d ballpark this machine at $30K out the door.

    An expensive solution for a non-existent problem but a good technology demonstrator.

    Here’s a link to a homemade mag loader:


    1. Sledgecrowbar Avatar

      That thing works incredibly well for half an hour of case dimension marking and router work. I need to make one of those.

      If only there was a gadget you could use to set the rounds up in the row by just feeding them into a funnel, then it would be perfect.

  13. Let’s see them make one for pistol mags. And seriously who are all these people who need their magazines to be easier to seat?

    If you are reloading then your bolt should be back and the tension won’t matter at all. If it isn’t back, slap the mag in like you’re supposed to and no worries.

  14. Well if you are buying rounds by the barrel it might make sense.

  15. Sledgecrowbar Avatar

    I watched the full video, be warned, there is music.

    So you can just keep stacking empty mags into the stack, hopefully the touchscreen (why the fuck would it be a touchscreen? Five minutes handling ammo and mags and they’d understand that’s retarded) allows you to set it to fill more than 15 mags at a time. If it does limit you, probably because of a limited duty cycle, then it’s shit.

    This thing was made by a mechanical engineer who has never been in the same room with a gun. Someone gave him a case of 5.56 and a case of mags and said “make me something hopelessly over-complex and expensive”. I feel like you could really cut a large amount of crap out of it and not lose any reliability. And if it’s limited to 29 rounds, it needs to be carted out back and drenched in gasoline. I’m not bothering with that much needless machinery if I still have to manually load the single most difficult-by-far round of the entire mag.

  16. All of my Ethiopian mag slaves are going to starve

  17. So when are they gonna start including this machine in every battle reload bandoleer? I mean at what level would this be deployed? Squad, company, battalion, regiment, brigade, divison?

    I got two words: Stripper clip

  18. Yeah, neat military application or if you have money to burn. I’d like to see it do 30 rounds when the pressure is higher than on 6 rounds.

  19. Roger Hickman Avatar
    Roger Hickman

    Saw this at SHOT Show this past January. About same price as Maglula bench loader but seems more functional. Hopper feed and supposed to automatically flip backwards rounds and has something in it that keeps the handle from moving if the round is not clear so you don’t damage ammo. I think these guys might be on to something.