Headshots All Day With Jerry Miculek

Two in the body, three in the head.  Jerry makes sure shit is dead:

Assault-Rifle-Because-I-Am-BlackOld man speed?  Nah just Jerry’s patented greased lightening on laxatives speed.

1:41 – Why did this shot and the one after it eject shitty?


6 responses to “Headshots All Day With Jerry Miculek”

  1. This guy gets on my nerves

    1. Matt in FL Avatar

      Yeah, but who doesn’t?

      1. Ya forreal man. Sue everyone

  2. I watch him for his fast motion… Don’t see why he needs two high speed camera’s…

    I’ll take one off his hands. Just sayin.

  3. edition30 Avatar

    …your title is wrong. he shot 3 to the body and 2 to the head…

  4. But I know I can’t do that.