Sure-Draw – Shitty Unnecessary Momentary Glock Safety

Oh look, you can swap out factory parts in your Glock to give it a feature it doesn’t need and shouldn’t have:


When the user’s thumb presses and holds Sure-Draw’s safer action inward, the weapon will NOT fire. Release the safety, returning to normal grip, and the weapon is ready to fire. Sure-Draw allows the user to holster their weapon with confidence.


More info over at the Sure-Draw website, where you can also get put on a pre-order for $30.

If you’re too stupid or careless to remember to keep your finger off the trigger until you’re ready to put a hole in something you really shouldn’t be allowed to handle a gun because you’re a danger to yourself and others.  I’m sure this momentary safety “works”… but at what cost?  Besides swapping out factory parts, you’re also forced to hold your Glock like an imbecile in order to activate said safety.  It’s too bad Hornady doesn’t make DERPMAX Ammo for people who think this is a useful modification.

The icing on this retarded cake is that the product is called “Sure-DRAW” when clearly it should be called “Sure-HOLSTER” because that’s mainly what they are advocating its use for… holstering.

Why mess with PERFECTION?

Thoughts?  Would operate with?


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  1. It has nothing to do with remembering to keep your finger off the trigger, since it’s not unheard of for Glock triggers to snag on something like your clothing while reholstering and cause an ND.

    The concept is actually not that different from what some people are trained to do with DA/SA handguns, placing their thumb on the rear of the hammer while reholstering to ensure that not only did they remember to decock, but they’ll notice if the trigger is snagged and be able to prevent it.

    Now the question… Is this part worth it? I probably wouldn’t buy one if I owned a Glock. Of course I probably wouldn’t buy a Glock to begin with…

    1. edition30 Avatar


    2. SittingDown Avatar

      Or they could just be less stupid while drawing and re-holstering. *shrugs*

      1. It has little to do with being stupid, and you wouldn’t use this while drawing.

        Like I said, it’s possible for something to get inside your trigger guard while you’re reholstering, and in certain situations you aren’t paying 110% of your attention to reholstering.

        1. SittingDown Avatar

          “This is my safety, sir.” *Holds trigger finger up and makes trigger press motion* ;)

        2. elephantrider Avatar

          110% attention while re-holstering is not only impossible, but also unnecessary. You simply need to make sure that there are no pieces of clothing (Shirt tails, jacket drawstrings, etc.) in the trigger guard area of the holster when re-holstering to concealment. One can start by not wearing clothing that might get snagged in a concealment holster in the first place. Striker fired pistols do require some care to handle safely, but nothing that I wouldn’t be doing with any type of pistol anyway. The Rube Goldberg of safety devices is not required.

          1. +1, sir.

          2. NDs related to snagging of clothing or other foreign objects happen, it might not be super common, but it is possible and it’s something to be aware of while reholstering. But the reality is that there may be situations where you need to be more focused on what’s going on around you then you are making sure your holster is clear.

            I’m not advocating for this device, I’m simply explaining the idea behind it, which alot of people seem to be missing on most blogs I frequent.

            1. SittingDown Avatar

              Billy Mays, is that you?


            2. If the things that are “going on around you” are so distracting that you can’t ensure safety, you may want to just keep that weapon out and ready.

              The idea behind it? How can I make money with a gimmick idea that serves no true purpose?

              Maybe we need barrel-plugs, a’la bright and flashy paintball guns, to keep our pistols safe, too? How about a lanyard for ear and eye-pro that connects to the pistol? Wouldn’t want to be with out our protection hanging close at hand?

              I know, lets put a shelf on the side of the pistol for our trigger finger.

  2. what if you were a bit handicapped but still wanted or needed to carry……this little bit of extra safety could come in handy as long as it doesn’t inhibit the function of the gun ….;)

  3. ToddG had the same idea in 2011

  4. Well – it is not necessary. However I could certainly see the logic here. I am a Glock shooter but one thing that is nice about traditional DA/SA guns is that you can place your thumb on the back of the hammer for the same reason when holstering. It’s not awkward or anything to do that – in fact its taught in a lot of schools. Still, my big question would be around any effect on functioning.

  5. Geez ENDO Gaston… Ha. For those of us non-LE/military who can carry open top holsters, clothing or finger are only concerns when reholstering. However, most police departments require further retention and multiple levels. If a cop is struggling with a difficult “customer” while trying to put his weapon back and get his cuffs or taser or something, might be nice to disengage the firing mechanism during a less than optimal reholstering with a thumb strap waving all over the place. Just a thought with a different perspective.

    1. SittingDown Avatar

      *Sure Draw fails* Result:

      1. Yep. I hear you. Kind if like how there used to be a trend and still is to some extent, to have service pistols issued with mag safeties. I hate them and I am really glad glock doesn’t even offer one, but suppose I see the merit in a few isolated incidents when an officer could lose gun and ejects mag to hopefully render it useless. Personally, I think these mods are a bad idea. I just like playing devils advocate.

    2. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      LOL @ ENDO-Gaston.

  6. sp00kyDude Avatar

    So if I forget to keep my finger off the trigger, I’m gonna remember to push that button…prolly not.

    1. As others have explained, it’s not protecting against your finger on the trigger. It’s mitigating the risk of some other obstruction entering the trigger guard and actuating the trigger.

      1. sp00kyDude Avatar

        Some other obstruction…?


        1. Most commonly a part of your clothes, like a bit of your shirt or the drawstring to a jacket. It’s not common, but it has happened.

          1. And there ya have it. Go commando or go home.

      2. How does this device, or the use of this device, keep obstructions out of the trigger guard?
        Wait a second….since you are advocating this product you must be the sector of the population that truly does need this item to remind yourself to keep your finger off the trigger.

  7. CrunkleRoss Avatar

    Duhhh..keep your thumb on the back of the slide when re-holstering so your weapon won’t be pushed out of battery when you stick it in the holster and therefore be out of battery when you jerk it out to bust a cap but since it a glock it will be shootin n blowin up anyways.

  8. What if you accidentally hit the button while drawing it out of the holster? Gun no-work?

  9. I see these derpy things and its like i gotta have them for the lulz. Shit. Still havent opened my jeff foxworthy iScope.

  10. this is awesome! i’d love to see a safety like this even tho I would never use because I carry cocked all the time.

  11. Double A.D. Avatar
    Double A.D.

    Oh great! Your Glock has hemmeroids!

  12. perhaps its specially made for trigger happy cops.

  13. Just to add to what brother 2wheels is sayin, those of us who appreciate AIWB carry like the idea of blocking the striker as you re-holster, especially as an AD AIWB may lead to a Yeager-like tendency to yodel for the rest of your life…..

    I’ll wait for the gadget from TLG though.

  14. AKATALCUL1 Avatar

    The only reason I can see for this devise would be if your department armory rules dictated that a mandatory external safety of some kind be present on any duty weapon. Maybe? [shrug]

  15. DonkeyTeeth Avatar

    Why add another feature to your gun that it doesn’t come with from the factory? All it does is increase the possibility of something going wrong especially since it hasn’t been torture tested and proven like the rest of the glock.

  16. Tom Hare Avatar
    Tom Hare

    This isn’t that great of idea. The only time you should have your thumb on the rear of the slide is while you are reholstering. If you really wanted this to be a REAL safety you should have made it a slide switch so that while engaged the weapon cannot be fired period. A quick pull down with the thumb and it becomes live again. Just a push button alone is useless!