3D Printed Metal 1911

Detectable by airport xray machines… still costs more than you make in a month:

I’ve been getting various sintered metal prototypes for about 2 years now (*hipster tone*), so I find it more than a bit surprising that this is THE FIRST gun to ever be produced using a machine like that.  I really hope this company was just the first that had the balls to tell the world, where as someone probably tried it a long time ago and was like OH NOES THINK OF THE CHILDREN, then never spoke of it again.

Double-Barrel-1911-2Unsurprisingly CNN has not been freaking out about this (as far as I know).  I think it’s safe to say that’s because it’s metal… plastic is more exciting to them because it’s associated with dodging detection and kids printing them at home.

Good choice on the 1911 though right?  I just pray they go full retard and make a quadruple 1911 soon for maximum trolling, none of this weak-ass double 1911 bullshit pictured left.

One interesting thing about this company Solid Concepts is that since they have a FFL manufacturing license they can print guns and sell them apparently. Will they print a firearm any goofball designs in SolidWorks regardless of how unsafe the design looks? Possibly… it’s a free country I suppose. Thinning of the herd if your derp costs you your life.



6 responses to “3D Printed Metal 1911”

  1. everyone thought that chick from Sleepy Hollow was a fool for using two hands and two fingers to pull the trigger. she was in fact a visionary, and preparing for this glorious apparatus.

  2. cottewmitch Avatar

    yesh what was up with that slow creep on the slide while firing???

    1. derpmaster Avatar

      I’d guess that the interface between the slide and the frame rails needs to be polished.

    2. CrunkleRoss Avatar

      Probably buffering, may have been using 3g instead of 4.

  3. i doubt that they are going to be able to beat the $400ish price range of the Rock Island Armory guns, but good for them. I’d want 5000 round put through one by an independent testing agency before I’d pull the trigger on one.

  4. This is pretty early stage of this tech right? It’d be pretty slick if down the road I could order up a Broomhandle “Mauser” in 9mm, or what ever caliber I wanted for that matter.