Washed Up Rocker Eddie Vedder On Gun Control

The 2nd Amendment is outdated, 30 “bullet” magazines are crazy etc…

I get so angry, that I almost wish bad things upon those people (gun owners).  But I don’t have to because it seems they happen anyway. -Eddie Vedder

Cool story bro.

Pearl-Jam-Skull-LogoPearl Jam was great back in the 90s when they came out.  Eddie should stick to singing and playing the guitar and trying to squeeze some more cash out of the fan base who made him popular.



25 responses to “Washed Up Rocker Eddie Vedder On Gun Control”

  1. Am I the only one who listened to the song “Glorified G” off of Vs. and understood he was a hoplophobe in 1993?

    Glorified G

    Got a gun, fact I got two
    That’s ok man, cuz I love god
    Glorified version of a pellet gun
    Feels so manly, when armed

    Glorified version of a pellet gun
    Glorified version of a pellet gun
    Glorified version of a pellet gun
    Glorified version of a pellet gun

    Don’t think, dumb is strength
    Never shot at a living thing

    Glorified version of a pellet gun
    Feels so manly, when armed

    Glorified version of a pellet gun
    Glorified version of a pellet gun
    Glorified version of a pellet gun
    Glorified version of a…

    Always keep it loaded
    Always keep it loaded
    Always keep it loaded

    Kindred to be an american…
    Life comes…I can feel your heart…
    Life comes…I can feel your heart through your neck…
    Life comes…I can feel your heart through your neck…
    Like some…I can steal your heart from your neck…

    1. elephantrider Avatar

      I’ve probably heard this song dozens of times and never even knew what the lyrics were. Ha! Shows how much I care about Eddie Vedder’s shit music. So, yes, you may have been the only one Gregory :)

  2. How do either of these guys sit comfortably after being pegged by their girlfriends all day?

  3. I love how anti-gunners think us pro-gunners are pro-violence. We all want the same thing here, us pro-gunners are just realistic about our safety.

    Also being a popular rock and roll junkie doesn’t make you the authority on anything but guitars and heroin. Leave the professional opinions up to the people who actually did real world work to advance in life.

    1. Also I’m sick of the fucking term “90% of the american people want blah blah blah”

      1. Suck a dick
      2. Fuck you

      1. Mountain Avatar

        Eloquently put, sir. I emphaticly second this notion.

  4. If bad things come upon gun owners as per this dumbass’s wishes, at least gun owners are better prepared to handled it.

    1. elephantrider Avatar

      Here’s what I find most funny about this guy’s take on guns. I remember hearing about this incident on the radio years ago:

  5. Yes 90% of the washed out, can’t get a job, can’t sell a record, junkies agree, that if the record industry in crowd says guns are bad, you may get a gig if you agree.

    1. You sir, have won the Dr.Seuss award of the day!

  6. I guarantee you he can’t name a single 4 year old girl who shot someone because a gun was laying around. But hey, it sounded legit when he said it because he’s so relevant….or something.

  7. IllTemperedCur Avatar

    PJ was never “great”. They were always the least interesting of the Seattle grunge bands.

  8. lighttech Avatar

    news flash !! the 1st amd repealed
    today the 1st amd was declared “antiquated and out of date” as we can now fire off BS stories at 3million a second via computers –
    -where as back in the old days you had to use a printing press and paper??
    ” print” whats that?? said one lawmaker??? as she tweeted on her I-thingy

    you will never see that story –so if the 1st amd can evolve so can the 2nd
    this counters the whole ” back int he day when this was written they had black powder guns CRAP
    as “back in the day “”—-all they had was a single page printing press. So with that said if we followed you logic the 1st amd would not cover –TV- radio-the net-ect-ect

  9. heavyfire7537 Avatar

    Why get upset about what a junkie and drunk rants about? He dropped out of high school too. Another fucking idiot seeking relevancy.

  10. Why don’t all these ivory tower showbiz folks pitch all their money together and go form their own nation on some island somewhere? I’m sure such a government would be short lived, but it might make for some fun reality show.

  11. Capt. Glenn Avatar
    Capt. Glenn

    Obviously he needs to learn more about firearms. But one thing I must point out is that flintlock muskets could be loaded and fired at a rate of 4 times a minute by someone who knows what they are doing. The rest of his rant does not even rate a response.

  12. The other stupid part is I hear more about children playing with matches/lighters then I do firearms by a large margin. Also the 2nd amendment doesn’t get outdated as technology advances, when the 2nd amendment was wrote people had current technology along with governments. If anything the gap has already been greatly changed.

    I never really cared for his music much, and his fabrication of facts makes me dislike him as a person. Still wont change anything for me I wont own a pearl jam record.

  13. SittingDown Avatar

    Never heard of this guy. But he has those whipped eyes IMHO. LAWL

  14. RISC_Taker Avatar

    At least he called it a magazine. You should have told Cobain how bad guns are Edward. Oh, and heroin and Courtney Love. She’s worse than a gun loaded with heroin.

  15. Eddie Choader sucks

  16. “I get so angry, I almost wish bad things upon these people”.

    This, ladies and gentlemen, is what will forever separate us from the anti-gunners. They get ANGRY. It’s EMOTIONAL, not rational, and they wish harm upon us, while we wish they were educated and joined us.

    Sad reflection of too many people on the planet, let alone in America.

  17. lol douches gonna douche.

  18. bandroidx Avatar

    I’m still relevant! I swear! I am! Look at me! buy my shitty records!

  19. Nothing gets a message across like blatant condescension.

  20. This is why I am totally okay with pirating movies and music.