Tracking Point Turns 12 Year Old Girls Into Sniper Assassins

Why isn’t CNN all over this? haha

This 12 year old girl could operate ALL DAY SON!  Much respect that she even loads her own mags.

This is the North American child soldier of the future.  Guaranteed she pulled out her iPhone after those shots and was like *pic* then attached that to the text: “OMG BECKY, LOL I totally just shot targets at 1000 yards.  Have you ever done that you basic bitch?  Stay away from Kevin.”



7 responses to “Tracking Point Turns 12 Year Old Girls Into Sniper Assassins”

  1. Can this thing paint moving targets yet?

    1. I’d answer, but the little girl said to stay away from you.

  2. I shoot at this range. This girl has NOTHING on the set of adolescent twin girls that come out and rock .338 to 1k. They call their own wind and are VERY talented.

  3. Please have your kids use double hearing protection.

  4. SittingDown Avatar

    At TrackingPoint, gun shoots you! :D

  5. Doyletoo Avatar

    What rifle and caliber was she shooting? 300 WMag? .338?
    Still can’t wrap my head around how that works. Hopefully restricted export technology

  6. I can’t even watch these videos at work because the firewall blocks all the YouTube content, I just come on for the lulz at the video descriptions.