For The Love Of Brass – FN SCAR-H vs. HK MR762 A1

MrColionNoir with a well done artistic shooting video:

The Comme des Garcons shirts (although very hypebeasty) I can give a pass, but lesbian coolmax shirts chosen over ENDO Apparel!?  PuhLeeze :P (yes, coolmax shirts are confirmed to be lesbian, don’t get your 5.11 tactical panties in a knot) This video was crying for a Run Guns t-shirt.

What a brasshole / showoff :P

MrColionNoir-Defend-Freedom-Tshirt-ENDOI like the instrumentals he chose. At 0:37 I started rapping the Meek Mill “Dreams And Nightmares” intro to myself.  Yes I know the whole thing.   I could just picture MrColionNoir being like “When I bought the HK, they thought it was leased / then I bought that new SCAR / hater rest in peace.”



5 responses to “For The Love Of Brass – FN SCAR-H vs. HK MR762 A1”

  1. S. Cautela Avatar

    What is the make and model of the .308 bolt action bullpup in this video?

  2. S. Cautela Avatar

    It looks like a Dynamic Covert .308.

  3. S. Cautela Avatar

    Sorry… DTA SRS Covert .308

  4. he shoulda playd aint worried bout nothin at the end

  5. SittingDown Avatar

    One of the best videos ever IMHO. The slow-mo intro where MrC is shooting the SCAR reminded me of the Cheetah video where it’s head never moves while it’s running at top speed.