VICE TrackingPoint Gun That Aims Itself Documentary

I’m watching it as I write this post:

TrackingPoint-LogoNot even 2 minutes into the documentary the animals started dropping like flies.  At that point I knew I should pause it and check the YouTube comments…. a LOT of hate going on.

Thoughts on this accurate long range no skill required killing machine? Thoughts on the documentary?


10 responses to “VICE TrackingPoint Gun That Aims Itself Documentary”

  1. If you can get over how awash the Vice channel is with hippie rubbish, some of their stuff is pretty cool. I thought this one was alright.

    Thank god his brother saved their marketing guy from ruining music – marketing guy reminds me of brokencyde…lol

  2. Taylor TX Avatar

    Killing real animals is another, EATING THEM IS THE BEST PART YOU WHINY FUCKER! bring on the piggies

    1. Taylor TX Avatar

      Man they also found the CHODLIEST anti gunners to get interviewed ever ha. American Center of “Progress” my ass. This video just makes me wish it was rifle season!

  3. they fired the entire cartridge in their animation
    come ON

  4. “Smell that. ‘Murica!”

    Cool technology, but they could have better showcased it’s capabilities by having a novice shoot at the same range with a conventional long range rifle, and then comparing the groupings.

  5. That thing looks really fun. I think it’ll turn out to be like any other technology. Those who want one week get one. Some new hunting laws will be written. No big deal. With the way it didn’t perfectly compensate for the wind i don’t see it as an instant assassin kit that’ll let the bad guys kill from as far away as next Tuesday. Those idiots from the anti robotic weapons league or whatever are the kind of retards that think you can stop dangerous ideas from leading to dangerous technology by the magic power of wishcraft. I’m glad they were interviewed for this video so everyone can see what out of touch asshats they are.

  6. If anything this video shows how difficult it is.

    A novice picking one up won’t make a good shot. The main guy in the video had a team calling his shots and doing wind calls.

    Like they were saying, maybe 500 yards and the gun/scope will do it no problem. But it doesn’t take all that much practice with a traditional gun/scope to be able to make hits at 500. At 1000 someone without training or instruction probably wouldn’t even know how to hold the rifle steady enough to see the target, much less line up and break the shot.

    I agree with the CEO. This opens doors to long range shooting for those who physically weren’t capable of making those shots – either through training, time, eyesight, endurance, whatever.

  7. SittingDown Avatar

    Where’s the fun in shooting a gun that does the work for you? “I’d like to thank my gun for shooting that target so well.” LOL

  8. meh.

    about the only part of this scope that i find appealing is that it does the range adjustment for you. All of the other crap, especially the automatic trigger, would drive me batshit insane.

    and considering the price, don’t see myself getting one any time this century. MANY other guns would be purchased first!!

  9. Sledgecrowbar Avatar

    I was disappointed they put the reporter on an AR, then went to mobile and airborne AR, instead of starting at a bolt action 22, then moving up to a bolt action .223, then a bolt action .308, then the same caliber the robotic rifle is (.338 maybe?). I think that would have been a far better waste of my viewing time with this toothpick-with-a-giant-moustache. At least they showed a novice presumably from the documentary staff being introduced to firearms and enjoying it, like “this is actually what guns are supposed to be like, not just shooting up schools”.

    The brother makes me nervous. I know you have to take care of family, but these are high-power rifles, man.

    Woop, he just democratized accuracy for the second time. That was a bullshit word the first time I heard it.

    The guy who was giving counterpoint on making it too easy, who even mentioned allowing this system into competitive sports? This is like pointless filler controversy to me.

    “It raises further questions, you know, about what is acceptable in society”? No it fucking doesn’t, it’s not a human victim picker, it’s a fucking ballistic calculator scope. I’m finding it hard to believe that guy isn’t just an actor there to add artificial sensationalism.

    With the owner talking about having something better out by the time the military approves his current model, I was thinking about how durable that five-figure optics package will be in the desert for a month. There’s a reason they do all that testing and all the other electronic scopes on the “advanced warfighter systems” don’t make it to the field in any real numbers. Remember the 25mm grenade machinegun with the scope that set a microsecond-accurate timer on each round so you could airburst it above a covered enemy’s head? It hasn’t replaced the M2 for a reason. The M2 may be held together with nails, but it runs all day, not to mention it does it a lot cheaper for both gun and ammo.

    This is why I don’t really watch much TV anymore. This felt like a hodgepodge of footage designed to excite and entertain as opposed to explaining the subject to the unfamiliar for a little while and then going into an extended demo of the product showing the limits of its capabilities in a variety of environments, with factory shooters doing it justice.