Jerry Miculek .50 BMGs His Granddaughters Pink Car

Binary explosives ftw!

American-FlagGetting .50 BMG was probably the best thing Jerry ever did for YouTube views.  Well, that and happening to be able to shoot accurately at the speed of light.

 Maybe eventually Jerry will start doing Mattv2099 style 360 no-scopes with that thing?



3 responses to “Jerry Miculek .50 BMGs His Granddaughters Pink Car”

  1. whoever rights in titles on his vids must have been hired from doing infomercials

  2. That dude has a seriously contagious laugh.

  3. I love Jerry, he always seems to enjoy shooting regardless of how much work it is.

    Anyways I did something similar to this, except it was a Barbie Powerwheels, and not nearly as much Tannerite.