It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia S09E02 – Gun Fever

You guys have to watch this episode… a lot of stereotypes busted, and some good jokes.



There is a YouTube promo video for the episode you can click if you dare.

I won’t spoil any of the jokes, but seriously watch it.  I hope this show is back to being funny again… we’ll see after the next couple of episodes.  Before this episode they were on a real streak where the humor was so dark it bordered on not funny and was basically just painful to watch.



8 responses to “It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia S09E02 – Gun Fever”

  1. I love always sunny, but I got half way through this one and turned it off. I was expecting a Queers Slorgan appearance….

    1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      Yea? I thought it had a nice mix of both pro-gun and anti-gun stereotypes which they represented well.

      1. At the beginning with Mac and Charlie I was expecting some Carnik con shit, but that didn’t happen, too much full retard for me…and I’m 200% retard…

  2. Is that Alice Cooper with the AR? He looks like shit.

    1. No, I’m pretty sure that’s Steven Tyler.

  3. Watched this last night. Hands down one of my new favorite episodes! Fuckin’ hilarious! The intro where Frank is talking about how he chases the guy down and he doesn’t think he would have made it without two guns is gold.

  4. I’m a HUGE sunny fan and got hooked from the original gun fever episode of season 1. But I got to say the show has really gone down hill. They’re more characters of themselves. Way to self aware like the simpsons/Family Guy etc….. I don’t think I’ll waste too mush time catching up on eps…

  5. SittingDown Avatar

    Every time I see Danny DeVito, this Three Locos hit is recalled (“My bitch short and fat like Danny DeVito”):