Gun Safety Nursery Rhyme

FXhummel1 sings to his newborn son:

Good advice, cute little guy too!

I need a camouflage onesie like that for when it gets cold out (preferable multi-cam because I hear it hides Cheeto dust nicely).  Ah who am I kidding? I’ll just turn the heat up and continue to live in my underwear.

Against my better judgement I clicked to see what people were saying in the comments… yea sure enough there are trolls haha *face palm*.

Fxhummel1-Gun-Safety-Nursery-RhymeFXhummel1 is wearing the Pistol Whip t-shirt from ENDO Apparel.



4 responses to “Gun Safety Nursery Rhyme”

  1. StarvinPilgrim Avatar

    Cute Little guy. Congrats Mr. & Mrs. fxhummel1.

  2. trolls. you keep using that word. i don’tthinkitmeanswhatyouthinkitmeans.

    1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      “You shouldn’t sing songs about guns to a newborn” is basically the definition of trolling. Sure there are a lot of positive comments on the bid too naturally.

  3. looks nothing like him, i call dna test.