Kenneth Cole Boots On Ground Related Comment

People love finding something they can get outraged about. Example Kenneth Cole tweeted this:

Camron-Bill-Oreilly-U-MadYou can click here to read people’s angry twitter replies.

*gasp* how offensive and outrageous!  *eye roll* seriously? This is the kind of thing that people get worked up over now? He made a clever comment about a current event relating to footwear, which his company sells.

If you’re actually deeply offended by the comment I really don’t know how your precious feelings aren’t hurt every time you take a step outside your house into the cruel world.

Troll-FaceHe should start a new line called “Kenneth Troll”, where he prints phrases on clothing that will piss people off and get them really talking.


Hat tip: Ron


5 responses to “Kenneth Cole Boots On Ground Related Comment”

  1. SittingDown Avatar

    You know what’s worse? People being referred to as boots on the ground. LOL

  2. There is a reason Twitter is called that. It’s filled with twits.

  3. Just another example of our declining,out of touch society.

  4. sandals are for sand, who wants to wear sweaty boots on operations.
    And GI issue combat pumps are just around the corner.

    1. I see you haven’t seen North Korean Women Army.

      Also there is a picture of some unit (white blondes so likely European) marching in a parade in high heels.