Tactical Infomercial

Carnik Con x Funker Tactical:

haha I really can’t get enough Carnik Con.  Try as I will, ENDO Apparel t-shirts will never be able to rival designs such as a wolf pack backed by an American flag printed on an acid washed blank like Dugan is rocking.


1:50 – I know 2 guns is a New York Reload… what’s 3?  A Chicago Reload?

I don’t own anything by Bravo Concealment, but I know operators in operations who swear by their stuff so it must be alright.


Hat tip: K. Lee


8 responses to “Tactical Infomercial”

  1. SittingDown Avatar

    Shhhhh!! LOL Glock approved.

  2. haha that was good

  3. LOL good stuff. I believe it was Massad Ayoob who said: “the best way to carry spare ammo is with another gun wrapped around it.”

  4. bravo concealment, used by operators like cory and erika. Might as well make your own out of duct tape.

    1. kobrabubbles Avatar

      Ouch! LOL!

  5. Kim Un Jong Avatar
    Kim Un Jong

    Pulling out another gun when your first is empty used to be called a New york reload.
    Not any more.

    Now the term new york reload means to fire until your gun is empty, then reloading it with a 10 round mag with only 7 rounds in it.

    1. i think it actually means firing 7 rounds, then throwing the gun at the guy because you aren’t allowed to carry another magazine in NY.

  6. Anyone called the number?