Video Games And The Origin Of Dual Wielding Firearms

This is worth watching:

When I saw the video was almost 14 min long I never thought I would be able to make it… it’s actually really interesting though.


A lot of good history regarding movies and dual wielding too.

I really felt old after seeing the release date on some of those games I used to play haha.

<— Pictured is “Tactical Snookie” with two Deagle brand Deagles.



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  1. Blazing Zero Avatar
    Blazing Zero

    Max Payne 3: Max complains some more will be followed up with Max Payne 4: Max needs to get the fuck over it.

    1. ahahahahahahaha!

      Max Payne 5: Dude, seriously…

  2. Isn’t that Michelle Viscusi with the Deagles!

    1. Zooming in, I think you’re right. Initially she did seem too hot for snooki’s skanky ass. And thank god – I was becoming concerned that snooki had access to guns… Similar to the concern I have that the situation has access to air.

      1. SittingDown Avatar

        She reminds me of Annette Funicello.

  3. What the hell? No love for GoldenEye?

    1. MakoGroup Avatar

      Agreed. You could dual wield almost everything in that game. And that game was the best FPS at the time and a long time after

    2. Anthony D. Avatar

      I also was super surprised that he didn’t mention it.

  4. SittingDown Avatar

    Narrated by Piers Morgan’s brother.

  5. No Goldeneye seriously?

    Fuck COD btw.

  6. I have to find a way to use the phrase “Bilateral badassery” in a normal conversation.

  7. LOL at the Ruger Vaquero being listed as a cowboy era pistol alongside the SAA and Schofield. Someone doesn’t know their history as well as they think they do.

  8. czbeardly Avatar

    I think I might have to name my AR “tactical snooki”…

    1. Fluffy776 Avatar

      You’ll be required to let anyone shoot it that asks if you name it that.

  9. clearly they missed the most important duel wield, that is 007 GoldenEye’s RCP-90 and Grenade Launcher Combo

  10. Blood? Blood 2? Shogo: MAD?
    Oh, and CoD is not too bad (muliplay) (1/UO,2,4) if you fix it properly :) But then, kiddies won’t play cuz it’s too hard… They want “smg dances” with tommy guns :/

  11. I have learned that the internet is full of video game experts. This is where I regurgitate my boring opinion.

  12. Hard_Harry Avatar

    No Counter strike mention, dual Beretta’s or was it USP’s. I know there was dual something in that game.

    1. CS is mentioned. Just until close to the end.

  13. Didn’t The Shadow dual wield 1911s way back in the 1930s?

    1. SittingDown Avatar

      Supposedly, Dillinger and Baby Face carried select fire “1911s” (Colt .38 Super based on 1911 frame) with Thompson fore grips, Cutts compensators, and 25rd magazines. Wonder if they ever dual-wielded those?

  14. derpmaster Avatar

    Action Quake 2, Action Half Life, and The Specialists are pretty glaring omissions from this video.

    1. Action Quake 2 dual Mk 23s! the predecessor of Counter Strike !

  15. There I thought I was going to get a Seinfeld clip of Elaine dancing.