Reduced Size Training Shooting Targets

For operators with limited range space:

The science behind this is all solid.  Scalable to any distance.  Don’t try and tell me otherwise *puts fingers in ears LALALALALALALA I CAN’T HEAR YOU*


It’s been a minute since they came out, but Dynamic Pie Concepts still has the hottest logo in the game.  I’ll continue to watch the throne…

1:06 – LOL that exaggerated scan and tucking the pistol in close!  So classic.



12 responses to “Reduced Size Training Shooting Targets”

  1. That dude was a decent shot, he was makin the steel sing with that pistol, and he ran that ar trigger like it had an auto switch. impressed.

    1. Watch the video again. In the side shot, his finger does not appear to be moving.

      1. theblackknight Avatar

        You are great with sarcasm I see

  2. god damit virus

  3. Seems legit.

  4. Ah, that’s nothing. I created a target the size of a quarter that you tape to the end of your muzzle. If you can hit that target, you can hit the same at 1000 yds. If anyone wants one, $99 (limited time) for hand made targets (sharpie) and a roll of duct tape…. let me know!

  5. kobrabubbles Avatar

    The commentary is hilarious and well thought out. I wonder if they get emails from first time gun owners inquiring about classes.

    1. El Douchtastico Avatar
      El Douchtastico

      You mean Ironically Tactical Lifestyle Garment??

      1. kobrabubbles Avatar

        Exactly! Plus…..Reduced sized targets are a value added force multiplier in any systemic training package.

  6. just another internet tshirt salesman

  7. heavyfire7537 Avatar

    These guys are doing some great satire. Why I don’t get but hurt is that I believe they are shooters also.

  8. SittingDown Avatar

    He’s wearing a John Deere hat. Notice that his lawn is so well cut that it’s invisible.