Herding Cattle With An AR-15

Victoria’s Sphincter Vigilant Spectre does it just to do it:

I thought he was going to set an example for the rest of them and gun for some steaks, but turns out he was nice.  Those shots definitely lit a fire under their asses after that.  I’m sure PETA would still be pissed that the cattle’s fragile feelings might have been temporarily rustled by the gunshots though.

Vigilant-Spectre-Winter-Vehicle-OpsThat ATV looks like a workhorse!  I’m surprised they haven’t operated in operations from it yet.



7 responses to “Herding Cattle With An AR-15”

  1. AndyHasky Avatar

    that atv muzzle sweeps the camera at 1:22, is that 10 push ups for the atv, or the operator operating it?

    1. Church Avatar


  2. SittingDown Avatar

    The all new G.I. Joe Action Set ATV. Nerdy Joe and Cattle not included.

  3. Taylor TX Avatar
    Taylor TX

    Its a kawasaki mule right? I figured this video would make it up here at some point.

  4. 032125 Avatar

    I like my steak lightly traumatized.

  5. Enfieldem2 Avatar

    The way those cows looked at the cameraman right after the shots were fired was unforgettable, “really? We may be a bunch of cows but did you really just do that?”

  6. Spectre Avatar

    It is a Kawasaki Mule and it is the biggest, heaviest piece of shit I have ever had the displeasure of driving. Do not buy, get a Rhino instead. It spends 6/12 months out of commission waiting for replacement parts- usually the four-wheel drive or the coolant system. I meantioned it was heavy, and when it gets stuck, it’s stuck. Your truck is rarely enough (even the F350) to dislodge it. All that said as far as terrain is concerned, as long as you don’t get bottomed out or stuck, it will go over it or up it. Its even fitted with a snorkel for semi-amphibious. It’s incredibly powerful and gets great fuel economy (diesel version).

    We did fit it with extra lights and built a sizable brush gaurd on the front. Also pictured is the tank retrofit we did for it for spraying liquids of various persuasions.

    The steak from that farm is second to none, nutrient lick, 15% alfalfa, and grain. That’s it folks.

    Glad you guys enjoyed the show