Bill Burr Recommends A .22 To Elijah Wood On Conan

Bill Burr gives poor home defense advice embedded in jokes:

Yea yea I know a “well placed shot” from a .22LR could take down a rhino or a grizzly bear…  For home defense I don’t agree with the advice though.  If you use a .22LR for home defense, and you convinced yourself it’s the best possible caliber to stop bad guys then great.

Bill-Burr-Comedianhahah a sickle.  That was good…

I posted some Bill Burr gun humor in the past you can check out.



16 responses to “Bill Burr Recommends A .22 To Elijah Wood On Conan”

  1. I’ve been using “It was the 80’s” as an excuse since January 1990.

    1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      hahah yea I definitely have to start using that to justify random stuff too.

  2. hnl.flyboy Avatar

    I love it…

  3. Who???????

  4. It all depends on the weapon, 22LR is definitely a decent home defence caliber if you’re shooting it out of one of these:

    Accuracy by volume, a “well placed shot” is statistically almost inevitable :)

  5. SittingDown Avatar

    “Assassins” really tried to hype .22s.

    1. Not without historical precedent, the OSS – forerunner to the CIA – certainly thought 22s useful for quiet work:

      Mossad thought the same:

      Of course ambushing an unsuspecting target at close range is not the same thing as confronting a home invader.

  6. James P Avatar

    It was a joke. I find the guy pretty funny in this clip.

  7. Church Avatar

    That was pretty fun… And did he make the sportscenter noise in his hotel part?

  8. Ray B. Avatar

    Awesome, and maybe shows that the lefties are warming up to gun ownership a little.


    1. Was thinking the same exact thing…yes, it was in the context of a comedy routine, but it’s still progress

  9. dave w Avatar

    i doubt a halfling could manage bigger than a 22 carbine, leave the bigger weapons to the other races.

    1. SittingDown Avatar

      Gollum looks like a .45 ACP kind of guy though. “My preciousssssss! Nasty Bloombergses and Feinsteinses wantssss it! They’ll never gets it. Will they, my preciousssss?” *fondles 24K Gold Colt*

      1. dave w Avatar


  10. A .22LR fired inside a house will definitely make your ears ring for hours if not a few days. I did this with no ear pro a few months ago with a .22LR revolver. Fired out of the front door at the door frame. Bad idea.

    1. dave w Avatar

      the .22 powered nail gun i used in the basement was freaking loud.