SIG Sauer Focuses On What Matters Pimp And Cartel Guns

Making guns for the mass market is so lame.  Regular people are boring and buy boring stuff.  SIG doesn’t have time for that shit, hence:




In order of the pics, you’re looking at: The Barracuda, The Zeus, The King Tut, and The Alexander The Great.

As a pimp or cartel member whats your first choice?  In theory I like the barracuda, but I feel that without those 4 sharp teeth people would just think you had a Northern pike on your gun.  That mistake would hardly would strike fear into the hearts of the hundreds of people you need to execute as a cartel member, or the people you have to pistol whip being a pimp.  I suppose my choice would be the King Tut, partially because I also like the badass sarcophagus it comes with.

Hat tip: TFB


24 responses to “SIG Sauer Focuses On What Matters Pimp And Cartel Guns”

  1. OMG They never cease to amaze ROFL! HAHAHAHA WTF!

  2. Rabies Avatar

    my first thought was why was their a pike on the gun

  3. That Alex The Great one is awesome. Like something out of Baz Lurman’s R&J

  4. Being norwegian, I immediately fell for this one. A Sig Sauer X-series (five?) with decor in honor of our old war god Tyr? Definitely! :D

  5. Critter Avatar

    the acanthus leaves and the key pattern are nice touches.

  6. BKelly47 Avatar

    Viking or Týr

  7. Regulus Avatar

    hey its kinda cool

  8. Regulus Avatar

    the viking one on their website is bad ass! when i start up my own VIking cartel im gonna get one

    1. Josh83 Avatar

      It looks totally perfect for Viking operations I operate in.

  9. Steve D. Avatar
    Steve D.

    The King Tut SIG would look great in the hands of SG-1… our first line of defense against the evil Gou’ald!

  10. Fluffy Avatar

    On King Tut is that one of the armored Jaffa guards from Stargate (left of the takedown lever) or am I just seeing things? It even looks like it’s holding a damn Ma’Tok staff!

  11. BBJones Avatar

    Sig gave up on trying to make great firearms a while ago. Why not attract idiots with flashy and sparkly ones?

    1. You’re talking about America, aren’t you?

  12. SittingDown Avatar

    Just need some diamond spinnaz on the grips and you’re done son.

  13. Personally I’m partial to the Tomahawk. Cause ‘MURICA. They’re all pretty cheesy though.

  14. Is this the commemorative Liberace series ?

  15. Liberace wasn’t man enough for the Barracuda but I’m sure Rock Hudson was.

  16. Ronald RayGun Avatar
    Ronald RayGun

    How does one choose? You picture what you’d look like shooting the gun in slo-mo.

    I’m feelin that Alexander.

  17. I wouldn’t have any of em because I like guns to shoot but if I was rolling badass, definitely the Egyptian one :)

  18. reza gohary Avatar
    reza gohary

    they are beautiful.I can not anything elss.WoOoOoOoW

  19. Sig suaer King tut price

  20. I’ll have one of each!