Glock Pistol Lubrication Guide

I remember doing this once:


Posted on Glock’s own Facebook account.  The comments are pretty funny.

I don’t shoot all that much, but in my experience Glock’s run fine with little to no lubrication.  The dozens of torture tests out there show that.  Over lubrication definitely seems more detrimental than no lubrication at all.

Glock-LogoI know I said in the title I lubed my Glocks once… but I actually do follow those steps (which are the same as what the manual suggests) after every time I clean them, which isn’t often at all.

Thoughts?  What’s the “in” lube now?  Am I old school for still using Hoppes #9 / CLP?

Hat tip: Arthur


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  1. hnl.flyboy Avatar

    In for me is FrogLube. Wintergreen fresh!! A lot more acceptable to others than Hoppe’s #9. I have no problem with it’s smell, but apparently others do.

    1. DoubleTap Avatar

      +1 for Froglube !!!!!

    2. Hunter57dor Avatar

      froglube, yes!

      its gotten to the point where its no longer just a gun cleaner/lubricant, its getting put on other stuff around the house as well.

      pretty sure if froglube made a motor oil, it would go in my car.

    3. Don’t you have to heat the material before Frog Lube will be effective? I read that on a site promoting Frog Lube. Stopped me from using it

  2. Dr. Dave Avatar
    Dr. Dave

    From my pocket knife to the .50 ma duce and 40mm Mk 19, and especially running surpresed, short bbl DI AR-15s and M-4s, ive had GREAT results with Slip 2000 EWL. Its synthetic, non petrolium based, usable as a dry or wet lube, slippery, and seems to resist heat and friction well. It seems to slow or reduce how fouling builds up on metal, making it easier to clean your guns and keeping them in the fight longer. Rather mediocre protection against corrosion, but I swear its so great itll make you a sandwich after you take it to bed.

  3. Doyletoo Avatar

    I’m trying a similar lube called Fireclean. No smell, no mess, and its supposed to (I just started using because of this claim) “condition” the metal surfaces with repeated use so that carbon doesn’t cake on and can be easily wiped off without scrubbing.

    1. elephantrider Avatar

      Same here. Fireclean is the most recent lubricant I’ve used on my Glocks. They seem a bit smoother just from hand cycling them. Haven’t had a chance to fully test their easier cleaning claims, but Fireclean did sem to do a good job og getting some residual carbon off of the the feedramp and chamber area while I was applying it.

      There’s no sense in messing around with crappy lubes like Hoppes. If you want to save some money just go spend $5 on a lifetime supply of Mobile 1 “gun lube.”

  4. I use Italian Gun Oil……..

  5. Critter Avatar

    Mobil 1 10w30 seems to work pretty good.

    1. Hyperborean Avatar

      5w30 is a better all weather oil

  6. I always lubricate my Glock exactly like this after every 4 or 5 thousand rounds.

  7. rem oil and shooters grease. rem oil everywhere in this photo (just a bit, not too much) and shooters grease on the barrel hood and one small dab on the rails.

  8. SittingDown Avatar


  9. Hoppes #9 isn’t a lube.

    1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      Oops updated to add CLP!

    2. They make lube.

  10. Al Cohol Avatar
    Al Cohol

    Clean my glock about once a month. I don’t like a dirty gun and since I carry it every day it does get some lint in it. I prefer a clean gun if its gonna be rubbing up on me.

    Switched to Froglube recently. I dig it. I like having the paste for lubing the connector spot, barrel, on the flat of the slide, and the liquid for the slide cut outs for the rails.

  11. Eezox works great. Hard to find down here in Florida but its all I use. And plentiful back in NY

  12. “I occasionally store my Glock near gun oil. good enough for me.” – hahahaha fucking priceless

  13. I’m a Dapper Dan man myself!

    1. BBJones Avatar

      We only have FOP.

  14. @ENDO MIKE
    Thanks for the post! I’ll try this on my Austrian made piece.

  15. I only use the fresh morning dew gently licked from the labia of tall blonde Aryan super models.

    1. elephantrider Avatar

      Hopefully it only takes a few drops of that to fully lubricate your whole Glock?

  16. You gatta get on that weapon shield tip Mike. It’s my jam.

  17. FireClean, all the way. 6,000 rounds and counting. Looks like 10 rounds worth of fouling! For safety’s sake, I’m going to clean it after my next 500 rounds this weekend! Action is like buttah!

  18. I may or may not catch hell for this, but I have Mobil 1 0w30 full synthetic oil in a hyperdermic syringe, I put about 60cc in a small container and thoroughly mix the oil with powdered graphite and put it in the syringe with the oil. This allows me to get the single drop called for and my trigger is more smooth than any aftermarket or factory glock trigger I’ve pulled. Graphite is an amazing substance where metal meets metal, mos2 made by liqui-moly is in another syringe mixed with a small amount of 0w30 mobile 1. It’s a very light oil but definitely hangs around for the duration of several range trips. And FYI, “I don’t want FOP, god dammit!”