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  • Glock Pistol Lubrication Guide

    I remember doing this once: Posted on Glock’s own Facebook account.  The comments are pretty funny. I don’t shoot all that much, but in my experience Glock’s run fine with little to no lubrication.  The dozens of torture tests out there show that.  Over lubrication definitely seems more detrimental than no lubrication at all. I know I…

  • Guide To Gun Store Customers

    This is awesome because it’s so true: The types: Talker, Safety Hazard, Guy who thinks his old gun is worth a ton, Zombie Apocalypse guy, cheapskate, lurker know-it-all, MILF, felon, hustler This video is priceless… it was basically like a 11.5 minute stand up comedy routine.  MrColionNoir, you gotta keep it up… these vids are awesome. In…

  • Guide To Gun Store Salesmen

    The categories: Fanboy, Douchebag, Gun Snob, Old Fart, Newbie, Commando Very well done. His dialog reminded me of the Gun Show Personalities and List of Offensive Shooting Range Stereotypes. Note to people who email me videos/articles etc.. whether or not YOU created content has zero bearing on if I will post it or not.  If I like it I will post…

  • Choosing The Proper Concealed Carry Handgun

    Sarcasm so thick, it can be cut with a knife: From the same guy that brought us Carry Condition Tactical Butterscotch. LOL always some good stuff from this guy.

  • Mount for AR-15 flat top upper guide

    Looking to mount a scope on your AR-15 flat top upper? The list covers all the 1 piece style mounts, not the conventional ring mounts. List with pictures and prices – HERE