This Is America And She Will Do Whatever She Wants

Like nails on a chalk board:

attention-whoreI’d tolerate the video more if that woman wasn’t old enough to be my aunt.  As long as she’s having fun though I suppose?




26 responses to “This Is America And She Will Do Whatever She Wants”

  1. She has a nice personality and a serious body, likes guns and survival. I got no probs with her or her style.

  2. whacker-15 Avatar

    Hate to say it she has me as a subscriber now!

  3. Critter Avatar

    well, i’m old enough to be her husband, so i gots no problem with her at all. :)

    1. I could stand to be her hubby for a weekend…….

  4. SittingDown Avatar

    Guy: How do you spell me? M-D-E?

    Her: There’s no D in Me.

    Guy: Not yet.

  5. Hyenas Avatar

    Should we call in the TROLL CAVALRY?

  6. If you guys like her, rent terminator 2.


  7. She seems nice and her and her husband seem to actually like going out and doing firearm/survival related stuff and not just blog about people doing it.

  8. I found her quite attractive, and I love her attitude. Shame about those “censored” panels though.

  9. Johnny Bravo Avatar
    Johnny Bravo

    I say two thumbs up!

  10. I’d rather watch her than that fate of destiny chick…

  11. Regulus Avatar

    I have no respect for her husband at all. He is not a fellow Gentleman, he’s just a pimp, pimping his women out for youtube views and “likes.” Alot of people doing this these days. And Cory is one of them…ya you reading this Cory?? I hope so. You are a good shooter, I respect you as a 2nd Amendment guy, but I DO NOT RESPECT YOU AS A FELLOW GENTLEMAN.

  12. Hot grandma

  13. 032125 Avatar

    Yeah, she’s making sure she gets her money’s worth out of that boob job. I come across these two from time to time and they seem genuinely interested in their subject matter, but one gets the sense that the husband has ED and like to be cuckolded on film. Creepy as fuck.

    But hey, to each their own.

    1. 032125 Avatar

      And yes, I’d hit it. As long as it didn’t look like a canoe full o’ moose meat.

      1. JonManGo Avatar

        Canoe of moose meat, excellent.

  14. The world needs more titties and guns

  15. I don’t believe in censorship. ;-)

  16. paul kimble Avatar
    paul kimble

    Can I get your aunts number Mike?

  17. Young enough to be my daughter.

  18. I’d tolerate the video more if that woman wasn’t old enough to be my aunt.

    A co-worker is pregnant. Her three grandchildren are 1,3, & 4. So the future aunt or uncle is going to be younger than the nephews.

    So I also wonder what your aunt looks like. ;-)

  19. She really needs to fix the LOP on those shoulder guns.

  20. Nakedgun Avatar

    Don’t post any more of this AW…Cut her off at the second, “Ah cun ware wut I won’t…” Worthless

    …I have a hotter woman, who is actually a firearms/shooting expert to watch shoot…

  21. Ronald RayGun Avatar
    Ronald RayGun

    She has ugly elbows. She’s a solid 3/10 all day.

  22. I live in the Chicago area (trying to escape), and spend a lot of time talking with non gun owners.

    A lot of times, I’m able to help sway the opinions of what these people think of the gun crowd. But, quite frankly…YouTubers like this aren’t really helping the cause.

    If you want to see boobs, there’s plenty of websites for that. If you want intelligent gun reviews and commentary, Colion Noir, Fate of Destinee, Aaargo Jay etc. are all doing a great job of making guns relatable, and winning new friends (and potential votes in election years) for the gun community.

    I just don’t see how Cougar Twelve Guage and her free range tatas are advancing the cause by trying to combine these two ideas.

  23. John Fritz Avatar
    John Fritz

    Harmless. She’s pretty I think.