Crossbow VS Diabetes

Slowing it dowwwwwwwwwwwwwn:

Diabeetus-CatSlow motion is so epic.  It didn’t look interesting at all in real time.

I never was a big fan of Dr. Pepper.


6 responses to “Crossbow VS Diabetes”

  1. “I never was a big fan of Dr. Pepper.”

    F*** you mike. If you don’t like dr pepper, you aren’t American and no longer welcome in my home. Go back to englandland ya commie.

    Ill watch the vid when I get home.

  2. SSGCasper Avatar

    I agree with PhoenixNFA, I rate restaurants on their service of Dr Pepper or not as freedom loving or communist regimes.

    Though to be honest this Dr Pepper 10 they shoot is crap compared to the sweet nectar of the gods that normal full calorie Dr Pepper is. So if they had to shoot some bottles of DP then this or the diet that DOES NOT “taste just like normal Dr Pepper” (They LIE!) is about the best use of that crap as possible.

    1. 10 isn’t bad for those of us willing to give up a little bit of freedom for a little bit of….ahem…Health security.

      I’ve cut out all sodas from my diet anyways so it’s a moot point n

      1. SSGCasper Avatar

        Don’t you know that “Quitters never win”?

  3. Ignore the fools above. Anyone who likes prune juice in their cola is a fool. They should also keep a roll handy.

    But if they did this to the Dew it would be sacrilegious.


    1. SSGCasper Avatar

      “Anyone who likes prune juice in their cola is a fool.”
      Says the guy who is drinking something that looks like a Chem-Light and is made of citric acid, food coloring, and sugar. Guess it’s to each his own poison! lol