Wood M1911A1 Handgun

This is out of hand!

As soon as I saw the title of the post I knew it was going to be about carving, and I already had some jokes ready like “CONFIRMED: Hickok45 is old” … yea it was a work in progress.  I started the video up though and HOLY SHIT.  Turns out he didn’t make them, but regardless they are amazing.

The company that makes them is called Wood Caliber, and they are based out of Davison, MI.  The M1911A1 on their website is currently starting at $1800… keep in mind it’s basically a piece of artwork.  There is no question those things would take a long time to build, by hand or by machine.

Wood-1911-HandgunYou know I have to ask… When is the Deagle brand Deagle and Glock brand Glock coming out in wood?  Well there actually already is a wood Glock which I posted about, but it’s not as impressive… I also posted a wood FN SCAR and a Canadian C7 (M16 Equivalent) Rifle which are quite impressive.



13 responses to “Wood M1911A1 Handgun”

  1. hnl.flyboy Avatar

    I have a lot of better things to spend money on, but it truly is amazing.

  2. Never Go Full Yeager Avatar
    Never Go Full Yeager

    Mike, off topic, but did you know that Yeager got his carry permit pulled again? Link – http://www.wbbjtv.com/news/local/Yeager-Wont-Give-Up-Fight-for-Gun-Permit-204794581.html

  3. If I had the money to drop, I’d consider it.

    That is quality artwork.

  4. If i could ever afford such a thing, lotto win or something, i would love to have one. It would be my carry gun, and while you were wondering what i thought i was going to do with a wooden gun, one of my bodyguards would have shot you.

  5. MosinMango Avatar

    How many GRAINS is that?

    Do they CELLUOSE in a store? (“sell you those”, puns are somewhat lost in text…)

    Are these used by any BRANCH of the military?

    1. I wood laugh….
      But Hickock just gave it away in a contest!

  6. Much cooler than those LEGO gunz IMO. :P

  7. Meh. It seems to me that anyone who already mills 1911 pistols from billet could do that, and that it would require considerably less machine time, as well as less human time per gun. On the whole, in volume these shouldn’t cost more than a bargain basement 1911, and I can pick such a gun (Kahr/Auto Ord.) for under 350 after shipping/transfer.

  8. I work in Davison.. i wonder if i could stop by and check these out

  9. is that wood pistol for sale we could work out a good deal or trade

  10. Jack Daniel Avatar
    Jack Daniel


    I was wondering where I could get one of those wooden colt 1911 and if you could please send me the link to his website you mention in the clip.

    Regards Jack Daniel

  11. douglas weishar Avatar
    douglas weishar

    Absolutely Beautiful work.I’d love to make one!

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