Ohio Police Chief Got High Of His Daughter’s Supply

Chief Wiggum ate some cake that didn’t belong to him and suffered the consequences:

ahahhahhaha the cake was a lie.  Oh well… he lived to chief another day, no harm done.

Chief-WiggumThat will teach him not to eat cake that isn’t his.



15 responses to “Ohio Police Chief Got High Of His Daughter’s Supply”

  1. Hey Mike, 2007 called, it wants its joke back.

    Get with the times man! No one cares about Portal jokes anymore, we’ve all moved on to crakin’ about Marauder Shields and Sim Shitty.

  2. That’s what he gets for eating the whole cake. Even without the cannibus blessings…the whole cake dude?! That’s just greedy. Who eats cake for breakfast anyway?!

    1. Angeles Avatar

      cops eat cake for breakfast duh. So they have more energy to chase the bad guy right? Its part of a healthy weight gain program.

  3. “worst feeling in the world…I felt like I was dying!”

    that’s either the best weed ever, or the worst weed ever

    they give him sedatives to have him “sleep off” getting really stoned?


    1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      Reminds me of this Katt Williams bit – http://youtu.be/SFJDCY002Dc?t=1m52s

  4. I wonder if he thinks the war on drugs will be won tomorrow?

    Get a clue dude.

  5. Dude. Like. What if……what if cake were. Infinite dude.

    What if cake were pizza!!!!!!!! Dude.

    1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      hahah when asked how high he was, the chief said 5’8″

    2. yeah…with two states legalized it’s a matter of time.

      I like how the video says “toxic” – yeah, shit was so toxic he SURVIVED with zero side effects, aside from some giggles and more cake eating.

      I dunno if there are any REAL lawyers on here, but could ignorance be used as a defense here? I mean, he willingly admits to eating a random cake for breakfast (was probably high in the first place to get that idea). Just a random cake, chilling on the counter, let’s eat it!

  6. hnl.flyboy Avatar


  7. So when are they filing the DWI charges? It should be an easy case since he just congested on the nightly news.

  8. croppedxout Avatar

    0:47… sign at hospital…. phone number starts with 420… blaze it Chief Wiggum

    1. ENDO-Mike Avatar


  9. Did anyone else get the irony about the chief deciding to drive UNDER THE INFLUENCE to get “help” instead of calling for help? That guy is a fucking MENSA candidate. Thought process: I may be poisoned, I really want some fucking Doritos, I might be dying… hey, lets go for a drive.

    Chances of the chief getting charged with driving under the influence, about as much as Obama joining the S&W Pro Team.

  10. “I got up in the morning and ate it–the entire thing.”

    Who gets up in the morning, sees a cake, and thinks to have not just a piece, but the whole cake? Gave me quite a laugh.