Vigilant Spectre Approves Biden’s Advice To Buy A Shotgun

I was holding off on a new shotgun purchase until Vigilant Spectre weighed in:

VigilantSpectre-YouTube-DERPThe intro vid was face paced, informative, and entertaining enough.  Hopefully the series they are doing will be worth watching.  They really have come a long way by any measure from back in the old days… that said I know a lot of people still aren’t interested in taking advice from guys that aren’t actual former operators in operations.  Hell I even hear a lot of shit talking about Chris Costa solely because he was in the Coast Guard (Note: I make fun of Costa for shark jumping… The man can shoot and I think anyone can learn a lot from him).

Thoughts?  Will you be tuning into this Vigilant Spectre series?  I’ll watch them, but keeping it real I honestly won’t post them unless I can poke fun at safety violations, derp and what not.


27 responses to “Vigilant Spectre Approves Biden’s Advice To Buy A Shotgun”

  1. fxhummel1 Avatar

    the flames were a nice touch.

  2. 2Wheels Avatar

    I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again.

    I’ve got no issue with these guys running around the woods shooting stuff up, heck I might join them if I could.

    My issue is them acting like they know what they talk about, which they clearly do not, and spreading their crap around the internet as serious training/advice. None of them have any real world experience (ok, ONE was allegedly in the Navy…), or even have any professional training under their belts.

    So to V.S. I say… Shut up, stop making stupid youtube vids, and just have fun in the woods with your friends.

    1. Roman Scott Avatar
      Roman Scott


      What is with removing the shotgun to pump it? Talk about building bad habits.

      Am I the only one who noticed he hit the steel target only 3 times out of 24 -25 shots?


      1. KiloEchoSierra Avatar

        I read the comments specifically to bitch about those two things. You beat me to it.

  3. Clever bit; particularly the comment about waiting for AR parts.

    [I wonder if teaching how to use the ‘weapon system’ will include how to remove it from your shoulder between each shot…]

    1. Taylor TX Avatar
      Taylor TX

      Seriously though, anyone trying to teach me how to “utilize” a weapon, better sure as shit be able to shoot it well and in the correct fashion. Maybe it was some special derp for the camera about removing it from his shoulder but who knows. I wonder what would happen if he shot an over under shotgun.

      1. Taylor TX Avatar
        Taylor TX

        Although, I cant hate on the Dragons Breath rounds, that looked like fun.

  4. It seems like OP likes to first shit on and make fun of people, and then do a complete 180 of opinion for some unexplained reason. This certainly isn’t the first time you’ve done this. Either stick to your guns or don’t poke fun at them in the first place. Do these people pay you to give them favorable tidbits in your articles or something?

    1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      an unexplained reason? They went from almost killing each other on a daily basis to actually putting out videos that are not too bad. Ha thanks for the advice, I think I’ll continue giving my honest opinion though.

    2. Regulus Avatar

      LOL sometimes i make fun of myself. But then sometimes i’m like damn i want to fuck myself. so your point sucks! you can make fun of people and praise them later. no BIG DEAL! quit being a cry baby! waaaa waaaaaa suckle me mommy me suckle me

      1. Regulus Avatar

        oh and my comment was directed at “TRACER”. Tracer the cry baby

    3. elephantrider Avatar


      So once an opinion is formed, it can never be changed?

    4. You ever give thought that Mike’s style of public humiliation might actually alter the bad habits of YouTube assclowns and turn them into tactically-sound (and slightly more responsible) weapons wranglers?

  5. While I agree with their message; I’d rather not listen to people who have no combat experience or real training tell me “how to utilize a weapon system”.

  6. Nice video, for a change!

  7. pointblank4445 Avatar

    So the guy who needs to bring the gun off his shoulder EVERY time to run the action is going to teaching folks how to “utilize that weapon system”? His shotgun handling is about on par with his AR works (empty chamber, several missed shots at close range).

  8. SittingDown Avatar

    This could be the shortest video VS ever made.

    1. Spectre Avatar

      I wanted to include more slow motion, but I got the “eh, it messes with the flow” line. The buckshot blew a bunch of splinters off the logs and it was kind of cool to play back in 1080 really slow. I designed the whole video around slow mo but in the end only kept one shot.

      So if you don’t take the weapon off the shoulder how do you produce that nice, vertical, end over end rotation I the shell as it ejects there big boy? Physics… Didn’t do so well did ya? Hat tip, Taylor TX

      1. pointblank4445 Avatar

        I don’t think you get it. See how this gentleman (no affiliation) runs the gun without taking it off his shoulder:

        Nice try, “big boy”

        1. Spectre Avatar

          I promised not to feed the trolls but, I think your point is valid as related to technically sound practices, there are artistic and entertainment components that I think you don’t really get.

          You will see similar speed, while actually hitting targets, in a few weeks. Not to be a spoiler but especially in the secondary transition and Run and Gun sequences.

      2. In a video where you’re being informative on a shotgun, then tell people you’re going to be extolling and imparting knowledge on how to use the weapon… I think you might want to care more about having proper technique and being, oh I don’t know, SOMEWHAT credible? You know, instead of caring about “that nice, vertical, end over end rotation [of] the shell as it ejects”.

        Video shoot didn’t go as planned? Do another take. Instead you come out looking a fool.

        I hope you’re not going to try and teach people with that same stance and hold, either.

      3. Words are best backed by action, so…
        I get the line about stunning visuals, after all this is a promo vid. A bit of a miss with this gun-savvy crowd, but I’m guessing the target audience are those who are not so good with a shotgun and could use some advice. They’d never spot that.

        As long as it’s done right in the upcoming series, I don’t really care what was in that promo vid.

        … oh, and that dragon breath was cool as always :D

  9. The best video they’ve made so far(I only see the ones posted on here)… But I still won’t be listening to their advice.

  10. Anyone who sees something one youtube and takes it as gospel is a moron, no matter who puts it out. These guys have fun and i dont care if they are seals or fry cooks in their day job, just as long as none of them start wearing camel toe shorts to boost views.

  11. Regulus Avatar

    this is how u handle a shot gun! gimme the bitch “training day”

  12. Can someone ethnically cleanse their village already …Only a matter of time before they shoot someone , or each other …

  13. Just another set of Teir 1 Youtube operators, these guys are a freaking joke.