MrColionNoir x NRA News – GTFO Joe Biden

Talking about responsibility:

MrColionNoir-ENDO-Keep-Calm2:08 – Why is he unloading his handgun every night? Is that a Texas thing? If not, it doesn’t sound like something MrColionNoir would normally say.

I asked him on Twitter, so we’ll see what he says. I have his personal contact info too obviously, so if he doesn’t reply on social media I’ll badger him the old fashioned way and give you guys an update haha.

Thoughts? Are you liking these NRA News collabs?


22 responses to “MrColionNoir x NRA News – GTFO Joe Biden”

  1. fxhummel1 Avatar

    The only thing that I’m not super keen on in these is the background music. I have to force myself to stop listening to it so I can hear the Colion’s words

    1. SittingDown Avatar

      He should eliminate the music and replace it with gun sounds.

  2. ringo45 Avatar

    Maybe he unloads his gun to practice dry fire drill?

  3. Not sure why he unloads it daily. Interested in his reply.

  4. NRA safety rule: keep guns unloaded until ready to use. Lame, but true. When I give NRA pistol classes I use the NRA safety rules, then tell students the 4 firearms safety rules while explaining that third NRA one lacks reality. It’s probably a CYA rule.

    1. You might not want to admit that online since it is a violation of your NRA Basic Pistol course lesson plan Particularly when it comes to safety rules, the NRA Training Department tends to frown upon deviation from the lesson plan. While I agree with your sentiments, when teaching NRA curriculum… teach NRA curriculum. It is the consistency in the policy that makes the NRA program the perceived “national standard” that it is in most courtrooms and CHP programs.

      Does NRA leave a lot to be desired? Yes?

      Does NRA serve as a great BASIC level for new firearm owners? Yes

      Lastly, “ready to use” can also mean loaded and using for defense. Use does not equal fire necessarily.

      Thanks for doing your part as an instructor and helping new shooters find a path.

  5. Some guys keep their gun in their homes at what they call level “amber” (tactical eye roll), meaning loaded magazine but no chambered round. Maybe that’s what he does, or maybe stating that just sounds good to the mass NRA audience?

  6. BBJones Avatar

    My guess is he clears his carry gun and has a different home defense gun. Maybe even dun dun dun … an AR 15 !!!

    Note to all those who do clear your carry guns every day. It is best to toss the chambered round into a jar and not mix it up with the ammo in your magazine. There is a phenomenon called bullet setback that can occur after multiple chamberings. After repeated chamberings and enough bullet setback the pressure in the case could be much higher than spec. Particularly a concern if you are using already high pressure ammo like alot of carry ammo is. Next time you go to the range load up the jar of once chambered rounds and shoot them.

    1. Taylor TX Avatar
      Taylor TX

      Damn with ammo prices being what they are on these Hornady Critical Defense rounds, that makes me sad. Never heard that however, good tidbit of info.

      1. Roman Scott Avatar
        Roman Scott

        Never heard of this, but it makes a lot of sense. I have a possible solution to this problem.

        Chamber the round and don’t remove it until you fire it. Every gun is loaded any way, why form bad habits and waste ammunition, money, and time?

        Extenuating circumstances should be considered, of course, like cleaning, peace officer encounters, ..etc.

  7. Aaargo Jay Avatar
    Aaargo Jay

    I unload every night too. I run a dust collecting patch through the barrel and then light oil to keep it clean and ready. But then I reload it!! Maybe him too, I dunno.

    1. Your doing more damage to your ammo than you are getting benefits out of “cleaning” your firearm. Just my opinion.

  8. I live in Texas and I unload every night as well….but that’s only because I like the sound it makes. :)

  9. Cambo357 Avatar

    I am loving these videos. Mr. Noir is putting out some of the best pro 2A videos we have ever seen. He puts forth some of the best thought out, logical, factual pieces. The bad thing is, it’s mostly other pro 2A people who watch them. I wish we could get these out to more of the public to help rally for our cause.

  10. Probably unloads his cary gun and has a separate hand gum for in his home. I cary a Ruger lc9 when i am in public and when i get home, i unload it and put it away. My gun for inside my home is a XD45.


    AR-15 in bottom left corner. No rear sight. Its like the Walking Dead all over again. Maybe they left it off purposely. It is the scariest part of the firearm afterall.

  12. I understand the analogy about the pilots, but neither is safe. There are pretty big rules on hours of service, and a pilot shouldn’t be flying every day for a month…

  13. I’ve watched some of his other videos before. I suspect that home defense is handled by his “urban defense rifle” which is a kalash, and can bee seen in a video sitting very close to his chair. That’s probably why he is unloading the pistol.

  14. He has no kids, so presumably he has some kind of homemade claymore or tripwire device and doesn’t need his gun.

  15. I don’t unload every night, it goes into a gun vault to keep it accessible but keep the kiddos hands off of it. For those of you that do unload and re-chamber every day, keep a very close eye on your overall round length. The bullet is slowly backing into the case every time it is chambered and you can get into an over pressure situation if you aren’t careful.

  16. Matthew Avatar

    He said that he clears his handgun every night when he comes home. I do the same thing. I clear the chamber and put my +1 round in a tray with my keys. I still have a loaded magazine in it but the chamber is clear.