CNN On The Media And The Topic Of Gun Control

Some of you might find this interesting:

Assault-Rifle-Because-I-Am-BlackAfter I heard the obnoxious word “filibuster” for the 5th time I tuned out.



3 responses to “CNN On The Media And The Topic Of Gun Control”

  1. William Avatar

    Its good that this talk went on, it just goes to show that some media outlets are not afraid to say “Yeah some parts of the story are omitted” but they dont exactly say the reasons why. It could be anything from bias, to just wanting to show what makes the most ratings, even to setting up timeslots improperly. They made a point to say things about the NRA, and how it “does not represent as many people as you would think” but they fail to realize, that just because you own a firearm and want to protect your second amendment, that you are willing to plop down the membership fee to be part of the NRA. So yeah maybe the NRA only represents a few million, but that does not mean that they represent ALL gun owners.

  2. Politics are literally fucking retarded.

  3. derpmaster Avatar

    10:04 minutes long and literally nothing of value was presented. Thanks CNN.