Trayvon Martin Shooting Target Response By Ron King

This is regarding the Florida Police officer fired for using Trayvon Martin shooting target.

He bought the targets to use as “no shoot” targets.  Riiiiiiiiiiiiiiight….

Trayvon-Martin-Shooting-TargetI’d like to believe this guy, but I think he’s full of shit.  Is he seriously that dense that he couldn’t grab any other random no shoot target with a hobo or a kid with a toy gun on them?  It’s not like these targets would have been that easy for him to get either.

Troll smarter and harder Ron.



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  1. Aaargo Jay Avatar
    Aaargo Jay

    Is he rally serious? I’ve seen a thousand different no-shoot targets on the market… Hell, I’ve even designed my own based on training needs. However, I know this target is a blatant mockery of the whole Trayvon Martin tragedy, hence the Skittles and Iced tea can. You can dance around the facts all you want about the target being anonymous and say “don’t be so sensitive”, blah blah blah…. I call BULLSHIT!!! HE clearly knew what he was doing was wrong and is now trying to mask his stupidity. I have never seen a man so intent on drawing from and trying to share sympathy with the Martin family. He joined himself with their name at least 5 different times in the video… If you’re going to be a racist asshole, stand up and be proud to be that racist asshole. I can’t condone that behavior but at least I can respect you keeping your balls to the wall. Instead, this NUMB-NUTS decided to be a real live COCK-FAG and try to backslide out of what he did. Why not go to the media with your statement, I’m sure they would have loved to hear what he had to say, as it would have provided some great idiotic sound bites… Anyway, I’m off to bigger and better things… I’ve given this FUCKTARD way too much attention…

    1. Aaargo Jay Avatar
      Aaargo Jay

      Typo… Really

    2. Am I to assume you think that Trayvon was murdered and was infact a victim?

      1. Aaargo Jay Avatar
        Aaargo Jay

        We’re not talking about Trayvon and what he did or didn’t do. You weren’t there nor was I, so I won’t presume to assume anything, on either side. If you believe the facts you heard in the media are the God’s honest truth, then I’ve got some land in Derka Derkastan to sell ya!! So you dare not start to feed me your logic as if “you know what happened” and he was for sure the antagonist. You don’t know what happened. However, the fact that someone’s child is dead is a tragedy no matter what happened or how it happened. If it was you child that was killed and your family that was being used to troll for sympathy because someone was an asshole, I would say the same thing! Sooo, ASSume what you want, but I only deal in facts!!!

        1. Thanks for that confirmation.

          1. Aaargo Jay Avatar
            Aaargo Jay

            More of a statement, less of a conformation… I can read between the lines, no matter how few, can you? But you’re welcome anyway brother…

            1. I do not understand your tactics here…..

              Your post, bringing race into the discussion by calling King a racist, is a fair indicator of your stance on this topic, seeing how the issue at hand has nothing to do with race at the core but instead with an individual.

              Furthermore, I believe we are in fact talking about “Trayvon and what he did or did not do” since it seems to be the basis for where you formulate your argument about the actions of what King did and their relative moral standing.

              I am sure if it were a picture of Osama, the dude who planted the bomb in Boston, or Charles Manson, then your sentiments would not be the same, or definitely not as emotional.

              I do not need to read between lines. i have studied the Trayvon Martin case as an instructor of personal protection and use of force, a criminal justice academic, as well as a seasoned police officer. While I agree there are elements we do not know, there are things I do know or at least feel pretty certain of based on years of dealing with similar incidents within the greater New Orleans, LA area.

              Regardless, are the targets in poor taste? Perhaps. Especially with the Skittles and Iced Tea which leave no question as to the individual portrayed.

              Can they be used as no shoot targets? Yes. Without the intended implications of the individual metaphorically depicted? I believe so, though there are similar targets available that do not present the risk of public dissent that this one does.

              Is that what King was doing? Who knows?

              PS – Thanks for the offer for property in Derka Derkastan, but I have been there, and the prices are way to high for the amenities provided, though I will admit that amazing comfort can be derived from a 20′ connex container properly outfitted with a split AC unit, doubled up mattresses, and a Keurig sent from momma. ;)

  2. croppedxout Avatar

    “Good Evening, My name is Ron King and I fucked up big time…”

  3. hnl.flyboy Avatar

    of course…playing the victim.

  4. As cop you’re closer to going to jail and getting fucking by the man than any criminal you’ll encounter. (not to say he’s going to jail but you get my point)

  5. MosinMango Avatar

    That would have been plausible if he hadn’t taken so long to come up with it…and it was that kind of training situation.

    Gah! Stupid people are stupid.

    1. So because he thought his response to IA might be reasonable, so he didn’t launch into a defense mode and publicize is evidence of his guilt?

      What about this case. They had a presumption of justice.

  6. Nakedgun Avatar

    This was obviously a stupid move on his part, to use those targets… But hardly a firing-offense. I think a few days suspension would have handled it. There are some issues within that department.