AK-47 Bacon Sundae

FPS Russia does a Mattv2099 style trollture test:

FPS-RussiaNot one of FPS Russia’s most interesting videos, but still decent for some laughs.  I hope Matv2099 gets back into trollture testing because he did it better.

FPS Russia today is a far cry from the “go big or go home” FPS Russia from back in the day. An AK-47, although a Russian icon was a pretty basic choice.



8 responses to “AK-47 Bacon Sundae”

  1. MrMaigo Avatar

    This man makes guns boring.

  2. Never Go Full Yeager Avatar
    Never Go Full Yeager

    Mattv2099 FTW! Fuck FPS Russia his shit got old along time ago, and it looks like he is running out of ideas. I hope CarniK Con starts producing content more regularly, his video’s are awesome.

  3. SittingDown Avatar

    The fake Russian accent is getting old.

  4. MosinMango Avatar

    I guess he didn’t go to prison?

  5. Yeah, mike, I’m working on some next level shit. Tier 1 shit. And I’m distracted by #NotForeverAlone status.

    I would never be so bold to assume FPSrussia has seen any of my vids. But if he has and I inspired him in any way then I’m flattered.

    I liked the vid.

    To the people saying fps copied me (many of my subs). I copied FireControlGroup (shoutout brand shoutout). I’m not the first person to do food trollture tests. I’m sure ENDO-Mike could write a essay on the history of food and guns.


  6. Alien426 Avatar

    Don’t know about the sizzling sounds. If the barrel were so hot, shouldn’t you also see some reaction on the bacon?

  7. I dont get the whole idea of putting food or anything else but gunoil on my guns. I dont mind the realistic torture tests..ie mud, dirt, water, etc. but food and foodstuffs poured on a nice handgun or rifle just reminds me of things that I tell my kids NOT to do. I have always been taught since a child to respect guns…keep them clean and serviceable….that they are not toys! These habits have been engrained into my mind over and over throughout the years so to see a gun with stuff poured over it just doent sit well with me and seems counterproductive…..just my opinion!

    1. Hence the term Trollture(tm) coined by ENDO-Mike.