VICE Interviews 3D Firearm Printing Maven Cody Wilson

It’s late so I haven’t watched it yet, I’m looking forward to checking it out tomorrow though.  I know some of you guys hate VICE with such a passion as seen by many of your regular rants about the interviewers being “hipster fags and/or douchebags” etc.. hahaha. This particular interviewer is old, non visibly tattooed, is wearing a suit, and seems more like a lawyer than a hipster so maybe he will be cool with those of you?

3D ultrasound of baby with AR-15Thoughts?  

Hat tip: Michael


12 responses to “VICE Interviews 3D Firearm Printing Maven Cody Wilson”

  1. SittingDown Avatar

    Poor mom. She better not make baby angry. LOL

  2. I refuse to even click on anything from vice.

    1. derpmaster Avatar

      They may have started as a hipster magazine that was mostly about bad fashion and doing blow, they have morphed into a really interesting media company that does shit that nobody else has the balls to. Vice has some pretty fantastic content, particularly from the 2007-2009 era when they were trying to run their own unsuccessful video site, Its mostly all up on Youtube now (with the exception of the Richard Kern porno stuff).

      I fear they may have jumped the shark a bit with all their promotion of that horrible Spring Break movie, however. I was surprised that Vice sold out so hard for that crap.

      1. If this video is a sign of what they do now i may have to reconsider my stance.

    2. Well, I guess there’s no overcoming invincible ignorance. Never mind that Vice is putting out the best journalism from around the world, hands down.

      1. Well there’s no such thing as good journalism and invincible is, in fact, invincible. i think my other comments here proved i watched it and did not find it as worthless as vice used to be

        1. No such thing as good journalism, meaning that there is some governing principle that renders all journalism necessarily bad? So the whole premise of finding facts or data and sharing it with others is a priori a bad thing? Wha….?

  3. Dave, you should watch it. This video is fantastic. It is also a great example of what a real dialogue looks like. It’s clear the interviewer does not agree with a lot of what Cody Wilson is about. Nevertheless, Cody does an impeccable job of tearing him down completely, without ever as so much changing the tone of his voice. This is what intelligent discourse looks like, and it is sadly lacking from the mainstream video. Contrast this interview to the one Larry Pratt had to suffer through a few days ago:

    Erin Burnett and the other guy are some of the most insufferable types of people on this earth. Complete win-at-all-cost sociopaths. I have no idea how Larry Pratt keeps his cool during such “conversations” replete with ad hominems and non-sequiturs. Real progress might be made with discussions like the one shown in this vice interview. The CNN one leads to civil war…

    1. I see what you mean. One was an intelligent discussion and the other wasnt even as good as the rants of the guests on a ‘whos the father’ episode of the springer show.

  4. kentvindme Avatar

    at 18:15, the guy behind Cody picks his nose and wipes it on his clothes

    1. thats awesome

  5. 29:09 more than we knew until the last half decade, and more of us every day. Certainly than most people would be comfortable with.