Pocket Pistol Pocket Firing – Hammer Fail Time

This is a bad idea on so many levels:

Tex-Grebner-HeadAmong other obvious failures he demonstrates in the video, it seems like a really good way to Tex Grebner yourself.  I don’t know what people’s obsession with pocket carry is in the first place.  You can get a really decent holster for under $40, carry a proper defense caliber pistol in it, stop bad guys AND not have to worry about ventilating your junk.  Don’t even get me started on pea shooters like that for primary EDC.


Hat tip: Marc


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  1. I carry a Ruger LCP in my pocket all the time, because sometimes, it’s the only viable option. I would never shoot from the pocket. I would pull it out first. The guy’s demonstration where he shoots, after pulling it out of his pocket is flawed, because he was too far away from his target. When confronted, one would more likely be a lot closer to one’s target, and not miss. That’s my 2 cents.

  2. I used to pocket carry a CM9 when I was doing lot of field installation of computers and printers. When laying on the ground to wiggle under various desks and other office furniture, a gun in the pocket is a lot less likely to be exposed than one worn IWB.

  3. SittingDown Avatar

    How does this save time again?

  4. The bodyguard .380 is a pretty neat gun, but none the less I wouldn’t pocket carry anything, and I wouldn’t feel comfortable with anything that isn’t 9 and up.

  5. I have a new excuse for when I do something stupid… “For the purpose of tactical training”, another note, it looks like he is grabbing his junk with his hand in his pocket.

    1. I too was like “well if you would never carry it with the hammer back then why bothe….oh you went there. You just went there. Wow.” *facepalm*

  6. 2Wheels Avatar

    If you can shoot your gun while it’s still in your pocket, that generally means you aren’t using a pocket holster, or you’re using one of those retarded holsters that allow you to access the trigger.

    Either way, you’re WRONG.

    Especially with a little exposed hammer revolver like that joke of a gun. Really wanna fire from a pocket? Buy a hammerless revolver moron. And I think most people talking about firing from their pockets are referring to JACKET pocket carry, you pretty much have to be wearing something loose like those shorts to even attempt to make that work.

    Pocket carry is actually not a bad way to carry, but it’s just one tool in our CCW bag of tricks.

    1. 2Wheels Avatar

      And if I didn’t make it clear enough, I consider shooting from a pocket downright stupid.

      1. Abdul7171 Avatar

        So did the guy in the video

    2. ringo45 Avatar

      The exposed hammer on the little revolver this guy has isn’t a big deal considering that you have to pull the hammer back to fire it. I don’t think a pocket holster is necessary for a gun like this one.

      1. No, but once cocked, the material of the inner pocket can get lodged between the hammer and primer or hang the hammer up enough on the spur to cause it to not strike with enough force.

        1. ringo45 Avatar

          Are you assuming that I condone shooting it from the pocket? Don’t do that.

      2. 2Wheels Avatar

        And why not? It might be a 1 in a million deal, but it’s theoretically possible the hammer could get cocked while in your pocket, and that gun has no trigger guard… Only takes once to ruin your day.

        Of course, pocket holsters offer other benefits besides safety.

        A. They keep the gun in a consistent upright position ready to be drawn. Especially important for a tiny gun like that which could shift around in your pocket.

        B. They keep crap, like pocket lint, out of your gun.

        Pocket holsters even from reputable holster makers tend to be pretty cheap, so there really is no excuse not to use one.

  7. Shroomy Avatar

    Its pretty clear hes just illustrating a few of the problems with shooting from the pocket. Granted, its not really safe to carry most guns unholstered in the pocket, but i can certainly see some situations where being able to shoot from the pocket would prove useful. If nothing else this video proves as a deterrent from people who might be considering doing this.

  8. MarineFO Avatar

    I look forward to “trying” this and dying with my hands in my pockets

  9. Matt in FL Avatar
    Matt in FL

    After the second attempt, he totally rolled his wrist around as he pulled the gun out of his pocket, and lasered his right thigh and hip like crazy with a gun he knew to be loaded. If the pocket cloth had pulled out of the hammer halfway through that evolution, would the hammer have fallen with enough force to light off a round? Probably not, but why take the chance? That was friggin’ stupid.

    I’m fine with him wanting to test this out. He’s an adult, he can make adult decisions. But that maneuver showed an astonishing lack of awareness.

  10. Gents,

    Pocket carry, as well as “pocket-firing”, does have limited applicability… very limited.

    Generally speaking, while the technique is not optimal, it is optimized when used with a bobbed or hammerless revolver in a larger pocket like a jacket pocket or through the compartment of a lady’s purse.

    It is in no way reliable with a semi-auto beyond the first shot due to slide movement. It is also not reliable with an exposed hammer revolver for the reasons shown here. They can both be CARRIED in the pocket, but firing from the pocket is problematic.

    When handguns first appeared, pocket carry was “gentlemen’s carry” and almost always carried in a coat pocket. Presumably we have progressed, but pocket carry still has application.

    In my opinion, shooting through the pocket should be reserved for those rare times when a situation or environment is in that grey are between “something is up” and “something is going down”. Pocket carry (when done properly with an appropriate firearm) allows you to have a firing grip on the handgun without most anyone noticing, thus making you prepared to act when things cross the line and able to provide a faster (though unsighted) shot.

    Do I recommend it? NO

    Do I see the limited value in it? YES

  11. Fallschirmjäger Avatar

    Every time I’ve seen “shooting through the pocket” mentioned before this, has been in relation to having the pistol in a jacket or coat pocket. This is a new level in dumb.

  12. paul kimble Avatar
    paul kimble

    Sometimes I carry a S&W 60-14 in a jacket pocket and have wondered about firing .357 through the mass of change in my pocket. Even though physics is against it, it would be satisfying to see a bad guy with random quarters, nickels and dimes stuck in them.

  13. Ghostalker Avatar

    I pocket carry a Sig p238 every day… Would I shoot it from my pocket? No! It us in a desantis holster, I can’t even reach the trigger. It is an exposed hammer semi auto, so either it wouldn’t fire or it would jam after missing, because pocket aiming. Either way I have made a new problem for myself that could cost me my life. I can however, as said before, be ready to act without being obvious. If you cannot get out of a hairy situation it is good to know you have some type of advantage should every other plan fail :(

  14. Jacket pocket? Yes.
    Pant pocket? No. I do not want to maim/destroy my genitals
    Hot pocket? No.

  15. I pocket carry a Ruger LCP .380 in a DeSantis Nemesis pocket holster. Left front pocket when carrying as a backup/NY reload to my primary, right front when carrying as primary…which is only when it is the only option. I also carry the LCP as primary in a Pistol Wear belly band when I am out running.

  16. What a bad video! Who has a free pant pocket anyways?

  17. There are 2 rules for pocket carry. Only an suicidal idiot breaks them:

    1) ALWAYS use a pocket holster (to keep the gun oriented correctly and to keep detritus out of it)
    2) NEVER put anything but the gun+holster into that pocket

    Belt carry is not always an option. If you work in corporate America, even “business casual” requires a tucked-in shirt. A sports jacket is not always viable, and can still reveal a gun in a belt holster. And the Shoot-Me-First photographer’s vest is a bad cliche as well as a fashion no-no.

    That said, what other carry options are open to a male shooter that lacks the “moobs” to require a FlashBang holster?

    Ankle holsters? They have their place, and are good if you need to draw while driving or sitting. But for everyday use perhaps not ideal. And can still reveal the gun inadvertently.

    No, pocket carry is a perfectly viable option. Many of its detractors are knee-jerk 1911 worshipers (thus unable to utilize pocket carry) who will not admit the viability of other platforms/carry methods.

  18. Gaberelli Avatar

    “Of course you would carry this gun in this fashion…but I’m going to try it anyways…for the purpose of tactical training.”

    Nice. Just nice.

    1. SittingDown Avatar


  19. Capt. Glenn Avatar
    Capt. Glenn

    Should it fire and let’s say, take out some vital piece of anatomy, it has the potential to thin out the gene pool a bit.

    So if you don’t mind taking a few risks, go right ahead, it’s no skin off my nose.

  20. Nakedgun Avatar

    I carry a hammerless S&W .38 off-duty. It’s in my pocket with no holster; amazing I’ve survived 20 years, huh?
    I would not recommend shooting from your pocket, unless it’s a last-ditch effort. I have not tried it, but would hesitate because you’re not aiming the shots (as was demonstrated, even a couple of his aimed-shots out of the pocket missed the target).

  21. Abdul7171 Avatar

    You guys missed the point of the video. He was dis-spelling a myth and giving a demonstration why this is a bad idea

  22. Out here in AZ, with the heat at 110, sometimes it’s pea shooter or bust. I don’t like open carrying personally, and summer clothes are barely there, so pocket carry it is.

    Let’s be honest though, a .22, .25, .32 or .380 is every bit as lethal as a 9×19, .40&W or .45ACP, etc.
    As always, shot placement is god tier, caliber is not even in the ballpark compared to shot placement.
    “location, location, location!”