Underwater Shotgun Redneck Science

Demolition Ranch is one of my favorite redneck scientists:

Maybe it’s because I’m not from a state with lots of “ranches”, or maybe it’s because I like to eat… but every time I hear “Demolition Ranch” I picture a deliciously dangerous flavor of ranch dressing.  Keep that in mind for some cross promotion guys! ;)  Me at Buffalo Wild Wings to waitress: I ORDERED DEMOLITION RANCH… thought you could fool me with this basic bitch regular ranch dressing did you?! *spits mouthful into napkin* Get me the MANAGER!

Ranch-Dressing2:53 – ATF swoops in with helicopters and arrests him!  Joking…

I like how this guy managed to convince two girls to come into the forest with him to blow up a shotgun.  Either he’s really smooth, or those are some quality females… probably both actually.



11 responses to “Underwater Shotgun Redneck Science”

  1. I grew up near where they are. There are lots of Texas Hill Country women that are more than willing to go shoot stuff in the woods.

  2. One Wish Avatar
    One Wish

    I wish I had this A$$holes money so I could go destroy a shotgun in a way that you have been already informed…
    –Checking For And Clearing Bore Obstructions–
    The barrel of your shotgun should always be checked for obstructions before
    assembly, before loading and immediately following any occurrence in the field
    which might result in mud, dirt or other debris entering the bore can result in death or
    serious injury and damage to your firearm due to excessive pressure.
    Even the strongest firearm can be “blown up” by excessive pressure.

  3. Also, bww has a definite “no concealed carry” law. Sucks too as their wings are good. It’s ok Quaker steak and lube wings are better

  4. Stone06 Avatar

    BWahahahahaha!!! “Thought you could fool me with this basic bitch regular ranch dressing did you?!” That made my day. Oh and the video was okay I guess :)

  5. Dallas Avatar

    I want to party with this kid.

  6. Needs more of the women and if google plays you to blow up a shotgun then who really cares…

  7. At least he’s smart enough to do it from a distance.

  8. Crunkleross Avatar

    Why people don’t want to wear eye protection is beyond me. I tried to nicely mention it to another popular you tube channel guy shooting steel and got tar and feathered so I won’t bother to mention it in the comments but I still believe it sets a bad example. It just takes one thing going wrong to ruin shooting for you forever.

    1. dave w Avatar

      what part of shall not be infringed don’t you understand, you bloomberg loving, safety nazi, soda nannystate supporter!
      Sorry about that, i was in full arfcom mode for some reason.

        1. dave w Avatar

          lol, Thats better