MrColionNoir On Disposible Magazine Clips Made Only From Bullets

Don’t believe me? Just watch:


V-Neck by ENDO Apparel…. is something I’ll never say.  MrColionNoir can pull it off. Me though? As white guy in my early 30s I find it too drafty, and it elevates my hipster look to dangerous levels. Besides, I knew about v-necks before they were cool. Lately I’ve been going full Trinidad James with the gold chains, so a shirt isn’t even considered. Shout out to them freshmen, on instagram strait flexin. Pop a Glock and I’m sweatin’ *Whoo* Pop a Glock and I’m sweatin’ *Whoo*.


Thoughts? If you’re a real operator then fuck with me.


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  1. ringo45 Avatar

    Haha I love the circle A and B analogy!

  2. Real operators only use their pmags once.

  3. What’s a P-Mag? Real Gangstas use AK’s and “realler” Gangstas use Tommy Guns.

  4. Also the last line of the video was great. I always hear the line of “well you register cars, why not register guns?” Because there is no constitutional law saying “shall not be infringed” regarding automobile ownership in the bill of rights. If there was then I could see the argument.

    Should I have to register my voice to exercise my right to free speech? Do I have to register my house to exercise my third amendment rights? Do I have to register my voice again to exercise my 5th amendment rights? I can go on and on but the resounding answer is no.

    1. Bender226 Avatar

      Never mind the fact that gun registration is unconstitutional for a second and consider that they want the federal government to do the registration where with cars each state runs its own DMV, licensing, and registration. Even though gun registration/licensing is unconstitutional some states still do it especially with handguns such as NY and CA along with local governments such as Chicago. Other states require a license to purchase guns which is more difficult, expensive, and takes longer than drivers licenses (Add MD to that list now). So I think a good rebuttal to that stupidity should be that guns do work a lot like cars already where states set their own laws and regulations on top of the many federal laws.

  5. MarineFO Avatar

    I like what he has to say, he is very well spoken. The P Diddy, Snoop Dog type name he has given himself isn’t helping his cred. Oh and on the “clip” name use. Yeah politicians are dumb but… in the 1980’s even Marines often called magazines clips. “Hey pass me a clip, I’m out”.

    1. That was quickly phased out in the 90s and reinforced in the millennium. You’ll get jawkicked for that now.

    2. Uhhh…. Dunno what unit you were in, nor whether you were a grunt or a pog, but in all of the various units I was in, in the ’90’s, yeahhhh….. You would’ve gotten bent for that. That being said, i was a grunt in victor unit, and they do tend to be more prickly about their weapons than pog’s.

    3. Actually, nvm. It just registered that, from your name, one can infer that you were in a tube stroker…sorry, in artie… I guess I need more coffee.

      1. that you were *a tube stroker… gonna need to mainline that caffeine dammit….

  6. MarineFO Avatar

    I was neither a tube stroker or smoker. I was a grunt, 0311 that was added to Mortars won the MCRES FO competition and made BN FO and attached to STA 3/2. I was then sent to school in the Philippines to learn to call in Naval and air. Most of us called them magazines. All I am saying is I have heard active duty Marines call them clips. My point is all these videos keep pointing out “clips” as a negative though the term was used in the military not that long ago. Semper Fi! Oh… And young bucks stop calling every Marine you come across POGs (pogues in my day). If you ain’t Marsoc, Recon or STA shut your mouth cause you ain’t nothing special. They went through PI too.

    1. Not sure if the “young bucks” comment was directed at me or not. But, I would advise anyone, that has not served, to never refer to any Marine as a POG–doesn’t matter whether they were or not.

      Curious though now. All our STA guys were exclusively either Scout Snipers, or in line to go to SS school. While I do know for a fact that some went to FO school, none of them would ever describe themselves as an FO–at least not until after it was established that they were a scout sniper.

      And frankly, I’m also a little surprised that, as a grunt, you would seek to marginalize or diminish the difference between pogs and grunts. Back when I was in, you could expect a fight if you called a grunt a pog. There was a marked difference psychologically, and fitness-wise–taken individually, not every grunt was fitter and more gungho than every pog, but on average, yes, this characterization holds. The 80’s and 90’s can’t have been that different. So, what gives?

      Way off topic now, but so what………..

  7. MarineFO Avatar

    I only say the young buck/pog comment because today it seems to younger Marines everyone is/was a pog until proven otherwise. I have had people in chat forums and in online gaming call me a pog with no knowledge of my service. BITD we did use the term pog but I always thought of it as a name for actual paper pushers, not so much for support staff like it is used today. REMF was also used, Rear Echlon Mo Fo’s. Regarding STA; the mid to late 80’s was a weird time. They disbanded STA for a while. There were some attached personnel like sensor techs etc. I wasn’t just schooled in 60mm, 81mm, Arty I also knew Air and Naval gunfire which is a lot more rare to have qualified with. I was supposed to go to SS school in Lejeune but they wanted me to re-up in order to make it happen and when I didn’t sign it was back to the line company.

    1. K…well, regardless… Semper Fi to a fellow Teufel Hunden.

      And wow, that Latin, English, and German mashup looks f’ed up.

  8. Wait…’re only supposed to use latex condoms once?…..

  9. He got it right, as usual.

  10. Back on topic, check out this satirical peice.

  11. Don’t be bi-wrong…be buy right and shop Smart…Shop S-Mart.

  12. kingof9x Avatar

    “I knew about v-necks before they were cool” – endo mike

    Claiming you knew about something before other people “discover it” makes you a hipster about as much as denying you are a hipster according to a study on hipsters conducted at Harvard University.

    1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      That was the joke. haha @ the article though.

  13. No one turns low-grade idiocy into high-grade sarcasm like Mr. CN.