The Assault Weapons Ban Is Not Dead

Sturmgewehre tells us why:

Assault Weapons Ban T-ShirtA good summary of the whole mess.  I had not really followed this whole thing all that much because I hate listening to politicians talk as much as I hate assault weapons bans.  Sturmgewehre I’ll listen too though.



4 responses to “The Assault Weapons Ban Is Not Dead”

  1. afterschoolcarl Avatar

    The AWB is dead. Of course some are going to be cautious, but I worked the Hill as a staffer in 1994 and things were different then, especially in the House. The right side of the aisle is much less likely to have anyone defect on this issue, and the left side still has a number of House members who need to stay in the good graces of gun owners.

    Still, it makes good copy for the media and certain interest groups on both sides of the issue, but no one on Cap Hill is taking it seriously.

  2. so if new laws won’t end massacres, and i need to blatantly shoot my “double barreled shotgun out on the front porch to protect yourself.” as according to Mr. Biden. Maybe his Advisory committee should do some better research to make sure they don’t make VP Biden look incompetent. Just… Saying….

  3. Jon Hutto Avatar
    Jon Hutto

    It would be completely dead if they voted it down..

    RIGHT NOW Diane Frankenstein is sitting in her mansion in a gated community surrounded by armed guards wishing upon a star for more children to die so she can take everyones guns away.